The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Friday, July 01, 2005

Wisconsin Changes Laws: New Vote Regulations

Just a short update on a very important victory regarding the state of Wisconsin that everyone must read.

"The DOJ letter to the Elections Board addressed three contract
· Prohibition of
copying or retaining voter registration data by the vendor (Accenture LLP) or
its subcontractors
· Prohibition of
use or sale of voter registration data by the vendor or its
· Escrow of and
access to the system source code for the State

“Let’s be very
clear: Wisconsin will own its voter registration information,” Kennedy
said. “There was never an issue concerning who would own the data in the
Statewide Voter Registration System. The real issue seems to be whether or
not our critics took time to read the contract that was signed last

The only portion of the agreement left to be completed
is the specific structure of the escrow account that will store the voter
registration system’s source code, Kennedy said.

“The state
Division of Enterprise Technology must review and approve the security
agreement,” Kennedy added. “DET itself will host the system, therefore it
only makes sense to have the Department of Administration independently review
and confirm that agreement.”

For more information about development
of the Statewide Voter Registration System, contact the Wisconsin State
Elections Board at 1-866-VOTEWIS (868-3947), by e-mail at or on the Internet at"

By forcing Accenture and corporate giants Diebold to comply with the open audits, Wisconsin will never again face such an astounding stolen election. The entire administration of WI can now, officially, fire members who engaged in any fraud and audit the aggregates for any abusive code through open free analysis of legally open code. As this blog has demonstrated, this is crucial and very important. Because votes have been "streamed through" illegally to be counted in the tabulators, the only way to uncover it has been examining the machine-inter aggregate data. I was first to demonstrate how this was physically possible, and when the nation took it seriously is when we went strongly down the right path. But we have a clear problem in getting this message to the DNC: So please, email them continually. Hackle their ear off until they retrieve this data, and openly audit the system. That is where the fraud and mis-allocated votes are found for the last time and *not* from the secretary of state. That information is *not* proprietary! They can't claim that, under a legally open FOIA.

Likewise has taken the time to say some untrue, and unwarranted attacks against me and my investigator friends. First, they attack us as "shady individuals" and then accuse us of "stealing" information.... (Snohomish County WA report) Then, they deliberately in the next statement steal my work on the insecurity of voting mechanisms. I can't tell you how useless these type of attacks are, and fully encourage anyone who can to mail and tell them they should simply stop. Once again, if *ALL* states copy Wisconsin's recent moves our elections will be back in the people's control. Attacking others with hate speech and enflamed bickering won't help get the Nick Chalkos off the street, and it won't help UsCountVotes and the movement complete its job.

Rodney N is pleased with the recent changes in Florida and Wisconsin, the truth will be known

Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's not the courting of the voters which matters. It's the counting of the votes.

Lately, we've seen all sorts of so called "liberal" media report on election fraud stories. In the TV news, they've been reduced to late night broadcasts. Not so on the blogs, and the new wave media. These press reports range from all sorts of things such as irregular vote counts, hackable machines and lobbyists---to election reform conferences that are total smokescreens such as the Baker-Carter Commission and the ACVR versus real voting rights groups like and Fitrakis, Arnebeck and the Free Press at

The difference is ever since my blog went public, we've been hearing about the "possibility" of BOE members engaging in illegalities and causing fraud. It's high time to stop talking about generalties and "possibilities" of fraud. The DNC is far behind the entire movement right now. has unleashed one of the most surprising half truth half white wash reports of what went wrong in Ohio that it boggles the mind.

Was Bernadette Noe, Thomas Noe and the BOE members who failed to keep intact ballot security anywhere in the report? Was all the fired BOE members and supervisor of elections under Blackwell in the report? Was there any mention of the recently confirmed over-write database access installed in Blackwell's office before election day to keep "real time" results? Was there any mention of them logging in and corrupting results? No. All of that was whitewashed out. Instead, we hear about *gasp* vote machine supression and the possibility of fraud!!!!

*Gasp* The possibility of fraud. It never could even be more clearer that we have a long ways to go into getting the DNC to care about hacked elections. In fact, this irrefutable proof I show below proves aggregate corruption: BOE members actually altering results in real time.

And they did it through programming code, as well as just "manually". And this is how our elections were stolen.
Gee, I think it may be time we stop hiding from the word "Fraud" and actually admit it happened. Is that hard enough for the DNC to actually do a meaningful elections investigation, which includes forcing the state via lawsuit to turn over the BOE results for inspection?

The BOE members claimed "private contracts" allow no results to be distributed. So sue like they have done in Washington. But they don't sue or file a lawsuit: The DNC rolls over and plays dead. This is how we lose elections and all future hope of democracy. By not admitting what already happened, has happened and catching the criminals being protected by Governor Taft.

This is an example of democracy in action.
"The legislature finds and declares that all public commissions, boards, councils, committees, subcommittees, departments, divisions, offices, and all other public agencies of this state and subdivisions thereof exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business. It is the intent of this chapter that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.

The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created. "

You file a lawsuit and get the records turned over. Bob Fitrakis, Clifford Arnebeck and the Ohio election team have been on the radio addressing the lawsuits they've filed with no money from the DNC or outside group. They are still talking about it on and the new RAW Radio's Bradshow.

And this is still in pending, but the least amount of news is a writ of marandus is being turned in to force pending records out. Thomas W. Noe is an embezzler of funds for Ohio and its scandal erupting right in Governor Taft's backyard. Thomas W. Noe and Ralph Reed have been closely organized on the Ohio event for months if not years.

"In an interview for The Buying of the President 2004 (HarperCollins), McCain told me that the same people who quietly assisted Bush in South Carolina in his 2000 primary showdown there also were involved in Georgia. The slander was "run by the same people, Ralph Reed . . . The same outfit, the same organizations, and I will never, ever get over them running a picture of Max Cleland, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden, a man who left three limbs on the battlefield in Vietnam. That's just something I will never get over." "

All members of the RNC Alumni group, a conservative think-tank arm for the one and only cult of Arlington Virginia.

Recorded Contract Legalities:
"“THE ANDERSONS AND CENTRAL SOYA PLAN TO ACQUIRE DEKALB AGRA; INDIANA FIRMWILL EXPAND RETAIL FARM CENTER PRESENCEJune 22/98(from a press release)MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) and Central SoyaCompany, Inc. of Fort Wayne, Ind., today announced an agreement inprinciple to acquire the assets of Dekalb Agra, Inc., an agriculturalcooperative in Waterloo, Ind. The Andersons, Inc. will acquire thewholesale fertilizer and retail farm center business at the facility,while Central Soya will acquire Dekalb Agra's grain handling facilities.The Andersons' chairman and chief executive officer, Dick Anderson,…”This is from the home page of The Andersons Inc. website: ”The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) is a diversified agribusiness and retailing company based in Maumee, OH.” /"

Thomas Noe is not only part of the Anderson Agriculture group, he filed to intervene with the court case against Blackwell as official "attorney intervenor"

Lets take a good hard look at how much this scandal really stinks.......Florida's corrupt FDLE has been laundering money into the Florida turnpike for years to pay for racketeering, attack ads, election fraud and moral "values".

Ralph Reed's been busy orchestrating this business since the 2002 elections.

Would a deceitful party hack, as good as his bread as Jeb Bush, not work with the BOE to steal the votes? Not even remotely likely.

So there we have it everyone.....Votergate. The one and only Raymond Lemme was killed for getting too close to a band of criminal thugs, widespread election theft plan by installing laws so obscene they make older fathers cringe. Laws that would force all citizens to require multiple forms of ID....Photo ID and authorizations, making voting a non issue. We'd be completely obsolete.

Contracts involving privatizing of data collection methods.

"As a result of these and other concerns, Congress included language in the FY 2000 appropriations, requiring the Forest Service to undertake an independant study "to assess the feasibility and enhanced program efficiency by block granting all or portions of the Cooperative Forestry program in place of the present arrangement. In response, the Forest Service contacted the Pinchot Institute for conservation to conduct the study. The Pinchot Institute in turn, created a panel of eight individuals with expertise in federal and state programs relating to the management of Private Forests and/or in the use of block granting as a mechanism for implementing federal programs, to report on the merits and drawbacks to such an approach. While the charge from Congress may seem narrow, the panel determined that an adequete response required that the charge be interpreted broadly and the report address alternatives to a simple change from the existing system of allocating cooperative forestry funds. The report addresses only those statutory programs for which funds are provided to the states to administer the programs. "

"These national interests in federally funded domestic programs include:

-Interstate program impacts that require cross-boundary solutions(eg: watersheds with downstream effects that cross state lines)
-Interstate equity considerations that programs are aimed at ameliorating (eg regional economic development programs to raise living standards in low income states)
-Need for consistent National Information used for policy development(eg collection of Census data);
-High risk and high cost initiatives beyond the capabilities of a single state(eg, responding to natural disasters or investing in innovative programs"

This is what Gifford Pinchot the III's direct relationship with the Department of Agriculture was, in so far as the forest services. His academia unlike the original Pinchot, provided the framework for the privatization of data collection methods. So why bring this up years later? Because before their direct intervention, the states had no way to keep track of each and every citizen's record. Now that is no longer an issue. Pinchot's confidant Chris Allen, head of Consensus Development, created a flawless way of reproducing census results even at the expense of the public. This put an able bodied state interopation scheme into action, so that now all states are in fact obligated to hold on to your private information. Whether it be for voting or other protocol these laws have never been changed. It may be a problem and a risk that Census results include the deceased and those not even in the books anymore. But now we must remember that doesn't matter to Jeb Bush or Nick Chalko. That is precisely the point, when the polls are privatized, the result is moot.

Now you may toil that the likes of Accenture and ChoicePoint would never do anything against the law with that information, but as has been repeated here and in several strokes, they already have. This is why it is so vitally important that states adopt transparent auditing procedures. Wisconsin has already said no to Diebold & Accenture, forcing them to comply with open audits. How much will it take to get action in all 50 states?

Are you going to wait around and find out? Read the official report at

Then mail them with your outrage at ,
Deliberately tampered machines destroyed thousands upon thousands of votes.

ES&S bareky feels it ready to shoulder any of the blame. But it's increasingly clear Votergate is a total crime. And crimes that go unpunished, become the downfall of a civil society. Religion and technology don't mix, and as the Downing Street Minutes have proven, they destroy the remainders of our protections without fail.

Say no to "privitization", say yes to criminal indictments which you have the jurisdiction to demand.- Rodney N.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bush Responder Theories: Deduction and Analysis through-out history

America's collective problems with its democracy can be narrowed down to two things: Complicit Complacency, and Selfish Laziness. Both definitions unavoidably apply to our consciousness level today, however the good news is that's all starting to change and the actual veil is being lifted.

Higher than 36% of all americans now believe the election was stolen, and have no way of knowing what the actual 2004 results were. Countless BOE's have been fired, and now in fact federal investigations have sprung up in numerous places.

Alot of this may have to do with the fact we didn't buck down, and we didn't roll over. All the Sean Hannity's in the world couldn't change what our gut had told us, and what evidence now firmly backs up. The 12 AM exit polls were forcably changed from their predicted result, to a new "re-weighted" sample which is even sourced in the 2000 election results of political hubris.

This was indeed, not due to the fact at all that large scale voter fraud took place. Which is in actuality the position Jeb Bush and his ilk have you believe. Certainly it couldn't be due to that given the Incident Reporting System is actually tabulating the opposite.
When we look at the full mapped data, and see the amount of votes purged in straight-ticket or other, and consequently defaulted to Bush it brings up a stunning template. One that is quite literally irrefutable. Florida chooses to answer this problem, and violently look back over its recorded results. Perhaps the idea of partisanship and collusion has started to be chipped away? The dam beginning to break?

"Because the iVotronic touch-screen machines do not use paper ballots, elections officials may never know for sure -- highlighting a continuing issue with the machines.''I think it's significant that we can't be sure that things can't be counted, compared and investigated all the time,'' said the study's author and University fo Miami Professor Martha Mahoney, who also is a member of the coalition.The news comes weeks after Elections Supervisor Constance Kaplan resigned amid revelations that human error led to the county's iVotronic touch-screen machines tossing out hundreds of votes.

The $24.5 million machines have become such an issue that the county manager has asked the elections department to advise him on whether to keep them.The study's findings were a surprise for the elections department, which had considered the November election a success....The study found that there were 5,917 cases where there were more votes than signatures. ...In at least one case, the problem appears to have been the machine.

At precinct 816, the Church of the Ascension, the number of signatures was 945, a figure verified on the machine. But the number of reported votes that day was 1,116.After testing the machine, its maker, Election Systems & Software, told the state Division of Elections that an internal memory bank failed but the votes were recorded."

The good news is the answer, however slowly, appears to be yes. I brought the full issue of possible programmer complicity, allowing our vote aggregators to be rigged. And not even that long after, they are indeed checking the database codes and coming to the same conclusions: That it was rigged, votes failed to be recorded period. They were purged, deleted, using the various programming code such individuals are accustomed to. I have a degree and I do programming, if you asked me in the beginning if I thought it was possible it would have ended in a resounding "No".

Today after extensive close eye and inquisitive investigation, I can declare the answer is a resounding "Yes". Very little partisan voting officials were used for this operation. Karl Rove's cheap tactics appear in yet another polling methodology, one we seem to not have the guts to face.

The US Department of Agriculture, which I find so connected into this scheme my stomach could turn. Certainly, cencus polling of this nature was not ever done by accident. - It is truly telling isn't it?

Many days later, the evidence is lacking in the arena to prove the written contracts because it appears the contracts have been almost complicitly removed. However, I'm a mover and a shaker and whatever corruption is really involved I most certainly smoke out. When the contracts are finally displayed here, questions will begin to dissipate. You will just know from experience that they did this, and didn't hide it.

Back to my original evidence critique of the above. So even though it appears the Agriculture Department, endorsed by Jeb Bush of course, punishes and even fines the cencus takers for incorrect or skewed answers, as well as with-held answers, it is still perfectly alright for them to not provide Social Security number during a cencus? Notwithstanding of course, it is still allowed for their personal history or oops, background information to be submitted anyway. Essentially they make the poll decisions for you.

There is very little much of a law regulating that information at all, so if agreed upon they could compile whatever they have in your cencus and then manufacture social security numbers. Let's find out where ghost votes come from. Clearly, they come from a Cencus Bureau who is complicit in driving for public disclosure, while making that disclosure only available to campaigns and supervisor of elections. Rule number 1: Someone stealing and requesting a bogus vote only needs one said piece of information. Data collection by the firm, provides this immediately. Dept. of Agriculture keeps almost all of them listed by number and summarily indexed.

Can't have your cake and eat it too. Can not have this much control over actual cencus polls and not have the ability to engage fraud.

So it is with that lost anecdote that the likes of Rick Brady, Elizabeth Liddle, and other mainstream media types attempt to blame the exit poll problems on Reluctant Bush Responders in all precincts, which given that we do not have a full scale study of the data even retrieved yet, but the theory hits the press anyway that I become thuroughly amused.

What has been suggested all along is not in the large discrepancy between the vote total alone, but the degree to which the two percentages switch places across party line. For a re-weighting to take place where said precinct switches from 51% Kerry, 48% Bush to a whopping 51% Bush, 48% Kerry you not only need a miracle. You might just need god himself to be on your side.

Apparently nobody touched the fact, while Karl Rove looked to his invisible grassroots. Nobody seems to care that the Kerry exit pollsters were removed by the same percentage the Bush exit pollsters increased, and yet the corporate media reports it? Should I really be surprised? Nobody seems to care that the exit poll percentages switching places is impossible.

But should I really be surprised? Should anyone be surprised? Shy Reluctant Bush "AMAZON" Responder theory? I think we can do better then that.

Rick Brady, and their entire group work with a "partisan hack" group, claiming to be working for election reform. Most of the media plants come from there, and seemingly, work for the GOP. Elizabeth Liddle even though she comes from another country, claims to be non-partisan. But to this date, Warren-Mitofsky's full exit poll data hasn't been released to anyone with real credentials.

It was released and even handed over to Rick Brady and Elizabeth Liddle. Coincidence?


Not many have heard this little tidbit.

"“By early afternoon on the computer screens of the member networks, history seemed to be in the making. In the New Hampshire Republican primary, George Bush led Pat Buchanan by a puny 48 percent to 42 percent. (For some of us with long memories, those numbers seemed spookily familiar. Six New Hampshire primaries back, Lyndon Johnson had edged out Eugene McCarthy by 49 to 42 percent, and a few weeks later Johnson abandoned his bid for re-election.) Those early Bush-Buchanan numbers were never broadcast, but they circulated throughout the day among the coterie of politicians and reporters with access to news unsafe for public consumption. As it turned out, the public in this instance was well served by the embargo. When the real votes came in, Bush had won not by a piddling six but by a solid sixteen percentage points. This was the first appearance of the “Buchanan Bias” in exit poll responses for which Mitofsky in later primaries would try to make adjustments. (In polling usage, it should be noted, the term ‘bias’ has nothing to do with the politics of the pollster. Survey experts define ‘bias’ as error – unlike sampling error, which can be plus or minus – that errs in only one direction. When you find it, it’s not always easy to explain. Mitofsky’s best guess is that Buchanan’s voters were prouder of what they had done and, hence, more prone to respond, than Bush’s were.)” "

So Mitofsky has essentially always pulled this exscuse to cover fraud, the jig is up I should say. There's no reason to believe an already proven disinformation argument such as those by a average former "pollster" who works for Dick Cheney. Doing so is like putting faith in a truck covered in mud, no matter your speed the wheels will slide off and the truck will crash. There will always be another exscuse. Too much voter fraud is their real exscuse. When Mitofsky is exposed for helping the autopsy of democracy, someone should get him a nice billboard. We can't have enough of a wrong thing.

-Little by little the truth comes out, Rodney N. blogging away to the chorus.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Inside the hidden plot of Jeb Bush: A sale that's worth its weight in gold.

Greg Palast, renowned author of "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" narrowly touched on the issue. An issue that would come back to haunt us, and indeed prove that technology has not put the power of voting in our hands- It has taken the power of voting clear out of our hands.

Today's never before seen evidence will explore the interesting, but indeed malicious plot of one of the bedfellows to a theocratic cult. A man who says in all due discourse, he is the law of Florida and a man who principalizes everything to suit his greedy mission.

Investigators following the trail of the Florida Department of Transportation said it went all the way to the top and it was time to expose this. They were silenced, and with immediate accord the story buried. But we are not, we are the voters and therefore we have every right to speak out. And not even two days ago, I have uncovered much of that evil plot which they would have let remain buried.

Voter fraud: The modern sale of your civil rights.
The insidious scheme starts inside the corrupt FDLE, who supports criminal punishment to all the criminals using voter fraud in the 2004 elections. And they in fact must have known before hand how much fraud there would be, and where the blame must in truth be placed.

They first lay down the bait, voter fraud is a complete crime and anyone seen engaging in it will receive prison time. This was done on October 21, interestingly directly before the election begins. Then every precaution is taken to ensure the voters are controlled and no voter fraud gets out anywhere.

But oops, here comes mayor Buddy Dyer taking fraudulent registration lists and sending them out somewhere, but did Dyer really do it? Oh no, apparently it was an operative of Jeb Bush who authorized the panicky fraud.

Then the state department didn't tell anyone what they were allowed to do with those lists because according to an outdated 1996 law which is also enforced by the Agriculture Department, they are allowed to do whatever they wish under certain guidelines.

"Computer access in another public official's office would circumvent the supervisor's "exclusive" control of the registration books."

"Therefore, it is this division's opinion that the exemption contained in Section 98.211, Florida Statutes, carries forward when this information is provided to others, and a property appraiser may neither permit the public to have computer access to voter registration records he has obtained from the supervisor of elections nor extract information from such records for purposes of public disclosure."

Notice how they all left out the little part about selling the information. Because the supervisor can do whatever they want with it now, and sell it for Jury Duty or basically hand it over to data collectors so that the voter aggregator can automate that information. Of course, we all need to read this earlier quote.

"However, it is this jurisdiction's legal opinion that the voter registration cancellations received from other jurisdictions and the lists of resident deaths received from the county and the Bureau of Vital Statistics are not part of the voter registration books and are, therefore, not exempt from disclosure under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Likewise, the lists of convicted felons and persons adjudicated mentally incompetent furnished by the clerk of the court to the supervisor pursuant to Section 98.301(2), Florida Statutes, are also not a part of the voter registration books."

"A magnetic tape is comparable to a written list and is distinguishable from "inquiry" or "on-line" computer access. Therefore, our opinion in DE 88-29 would not prohibit the distribution of a magnetic tape to the requesting public official if the Oath of Acquisition is completed by the public official."

In other words, the law of the entire state explicitly mentions that the public has no right to know who has died or if the statistics are off. Only the supervisor and their cohorts, can control how deceased voters or phantom votes show up in the elections. So it is perfectly legal, and not to mention perfectly corrupt. It happened now in multiple elections. Whoever wrote this outdated trash form of a law is no doubt a republican, following the new world order of religious whackos.

Because by prohibiting the public access to the voter logs, they are now enforcing the fact that they can aggregate whoever they want into the system. Whoever they want to vote will vote, not the other way around. Read the amazing software developed by Jeb's board of directors that took much of the code from Nick Chalko's work.

Yes that is what we have to work with now. Exactly as I mentioned in the beginning. By just the registration ID number, they now have the exact way to decide who's vote goes through and who's does not. Even with the exit polls, Accenture has retrieved enough profile information for automated exemption. Someone's so called voter ID may be "invalid" because he/she were of the wrong background now, and the system which runs automatically will never tell them. Oh positively, they show up on first come exit polls and early results but they will never be anything more than an error in the final results.

Perhaps this is more along the lines of what Mitofsky meant, adjust the samples to match the true tally? Ahh yes, the one those who control the voters have in mind.

If we look at pure statistics, we can now draw a dark but inevitable conclusion of very likely more than one million voters removed in Florida state.
By doing a math-cross analysis with the cencus bureau of Florida, and the exit polls we have a final number now of voters who were completely purged and sampled by a corrupt auditing department. One that firmly believes, as per 1996 onward that those who are deceased or not even part of voting, can still vote no matter what as long as its republican.

Are we this naive to think the Department of Agriculture wants Accenture to just stop there? No, with new laws in place voter fraud could become so serious that only white rednecks will forever more be allowed to vote. That is the reality of a system that is broken, broken by our own complacency to fix it. Its time to end this ridiculous game for good, and call for the removal of all officials who are engaging in deleting democracy. Next time when I show more about the sampling Dept. of Agriculture does, its going to be shocking because it defies civil rights and is identical to our exit polling firms.

Rodney N. knows the game, and knows the players who think they got away with it

Monday, April 18, 2005

War! The Government's plan exposed.

"War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere."

Replace sith lord with Terrorist Jihad, and the same principal represents our modern times. Today, terrorists are meant to be feared and hated, loathed and despised. As the seperatists of the republic split off, they are meant to be hunted down and destroyed. We dissidents of the government are like the seperatists, now caught in a war which can no longer be avoided. We seperatists awaken to the horror that we are now the terrorists, and our president is in fact the emporer. But the reality of this modern myth plays out a chilling chord in today's society.

To say that voting is in trouble would be an understatement. The dominionist empire, a cult who retains almost complete control over the government has dispatched a rampaging attack force in order to squash the public's rising voice on election reform.

By playing to the people's fears, the rising empire hopes the ruse will work. Voter fraud is now the number one blame for election based problems, not vote fraud. Jimmy Carter, James Baker III, Mark Thor Hearne, and a slimy man who is in the cult's pocket named Jim Dyke are now in charge of the blue ribbon commission.

To go ahead and say they are enemies of democracy would be an understatement. The underlying hidden scheme they are unlatching, would make it required for voters nation wide to show all forms of identity and give up all of their personal information.

Covers CSPAN Coverage of Baker/Carter Election Reform Commission Hearing...*//

Baker Presides, Whitewash Begins, _Voter_ Fraud, Not _Election_ Fraud is Focus!/Other News Channels Ignore Hearings...Panel meets seperately from audience.

James A. Baker, III -- the Bush family loyalist who went to the Supreme Court demanding that America's votes not be counted in 2000 -- presides. Almost all discussion is on /Voter /Fraud, not /Election /Fraud. Calling for Photo ID, Photo ID, Photo ID...*LIVE BLOGGING throughout Hearings...*"

The hidden scheme is a three pronged attack, overseen by men who remain behind the curtain. One of those such men I will indicate by name directly. He is who they call Howard Ahmanson, and he lives in the heart of the state where this operation is growing. All of his official minions, including Tom Delay are on the board for this cult which has been brewing and scheming for over a decade.

The erosion of our voting rights will come in 3 clear phases. Voters will no longer be trusted to vote correctly, and be forced to submit all their personal information to the government. Gee is this racist? The department of agriculture doesn't really care. They had stressed the same things in Congressman Goodlatte's testimony I viewed the hard copy of. After the voters submit that information, data-collection agencies will take over. Accenture, ChoicePoint, and the real companies who seek to profit off of vote fraud will control the voting in the most real way possible. Security will go to ensure whoever is a deemed threat, will not be allowed to vote henceforth no more fake voting. They will own all of it, and the aggregator devices in every state will be controlled by this anti-terrorist wave of deception.

Finally, once the data-collectors reserve full control the hacking of machines will no longer be neccesary. In 2004, I can almost now prove very little hacking at all happened. It was more rigged voter registries, with subtle hacking using fraud software which goes un-noticed. At that point forward, the corporation itself Accenture will control the security of all who are deemed "worthy" to vote. We will forever lose the right to choose.

It is time to counter this carefully played out chess-match move. The Carter commission must be denounced as a planted shill before the mainstream media so that nobody covers it, and real media wakes up. They must begin to wake up and cover the real election reform movements, as Karl Rove isn't sleeping on the job anymore. Despite lucid threats and more careful played attacks against everyone I work with than I would care for, I continue to do the job I came here to do. A programmer who knows the true nature of other corrupt programmers, can only do so much. This is a war and only through the standing up beside everybody will we possibly triumph.

"The "YES to Election Reform! NO to James Baker & his anti-Reform Cronies!" is now up and online at:

Also...action on the ground at the first Commission Hearing this Monday! See this Election Reform Coalition Press Release for details:
And finally, if you have no idea what we're talking about, turn off Fox "News" and see RAW STORY's explosive exposé from yesterday on the Commission and it's secretive, insidious, partisan, pro-voting machine makeup!


Make your voice heard now, blast the entire media about the fake election reform group taking center stage. Contact all your congress represenatives and make them see this. Show them everything and make sure this daunting conspiracy is revealed for what it is, and we gain back real voting reform and take down the corrupt cult network responsible for this devil's advocate.

Rodney N. says fight the corruption all the way to the top and then douse the core problem, in flames to put it out for good.

Government's deception: The modern sale of your identity.

Increasingly alarmed at the exuberant amount of evidence there is showing how the states have stacked the system, I began inquiring directly about the level of implications this really has.

Under my investigation of Chalko's programming group, I found a real programmers company network which apparently designed alot of the election software. I'm still going over alot of the evidence, but it is showing this group had done several engagements with the Leadership Institute.

This immediately caught my attention given that the Leadership Institute, in truth works for the cult who is at the very center of this rigged game. However it is not enough yet to draw a full picture, only a way to show how the aggregators are not just distributing your information.

They are putting it up for sale and for immediate dispersion and even solicitation. The department of Agriculture, worst of all, knows all about it and has always authorized this. Giving everyone using the technology, the full power and unprecedented control to purge voters and invoke the citizen's rights and values themselves.

"Gaining access to voter-registration data is getting easier. In the past, anyone who wanted statewide voter lists would often have to collect them individually from county election offices around the state. This made the services of data collectors valuable, since they would collect the data and aggregate it in a single file.
But in an effort to standardize data collection and reduce double votes by people who register in more than one county, the Help America Vote Act, passed by Congress last year, requires that states develop a centralized, statewide voter-registration database. This will make it even easier for political entities and marketers to collect huge voter files.

Jim Dempsey, executive director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, said candidates and political parties are entitled to use voter-registration data for campaign purposes.
But, he said, the information should not be given to anyone else for commercial use.

"There's a fundamental principle here that information collected for one purpose should not be used for another purpose," Dempsey said. "There's a risk to the integrity of voter rolls. Because if people know that their voter registration is being sold to marketers, they are less likely to give accurate voter-registration information."

According to the California Voter study, to be published early next year, states varied widely in the data they collected and disseminated. The study included data from the District of Columbia.
Although many registration forms warned voters about possible fines or jail time for lying on the form, only four out of 49 states that required registration told voters that their data became part of the public record and was therefore open to public inspection.

Among the data collected, two states required voters to provide their mother's maiden name upon registration. Thirty states either required or requested all or part of a voter's Social Security number. Eight states required the full Social Security number.

That last number is likely to increase. The Help America Vote Act requires states to collect a personal identification number such as a driver's license or Social Security number. States are supposed to redact the Social Security number before distributing voter lists to buyers.

Alexander said that if voters were told up front how their data might be used, they likely would be more guarded about the optional information they provided.
Therefore politicians are reluctant to mandate disclosure because it might limit the data that they and their parties could collect.

"If we were talking about banking data and third parties being able to profit from it, there would be a huge debate, as we recently had in California over the uses of financial data," Alexander said.
She said one reason this debate isn't happening is that "the people who ultimately decide how voter data should be allowed to be used are the politicians.... Politicians need to reign in the laws, yet they're the biggest consumers of this data.",1367,61507-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1

You heard absolutely correct, the people data aggregators allow the immediate solicitation of voters forms. It has been abused in this way now for years, by the companies like Accenture and ChoicePoint and has been used to perform the real fraud. The central state lists they are talking about, is of course the BOE system. The BOE controls these registrants, and aggregates them using preferred aggregators. It is supplied directly into their system, by the data mining aggregators. Put it all together and what you have now, is a full unstoppable democracy eroder which moves faster than 20,000 different light beams per second.

We must learn the truth and stop the Department of Agriculture, this much is certain. I have been contacted by the Open Voting Consortium. They need everyone's help for donations, please contribute what you can. We need completely transparent registries and aggregators in the electoral process, or soon enough our civil rights will be washed away.

Dear Friends,In NOV of 2000, about 12% of the ballots in America were invisible - created with secret software.

In 2002, it was about 18%In 2004 over 30%. That's more than 30 million invisible ballots created with secret software in the most recent and controversial election!Even where we have paper ballots, those are mostly counted with black boxes that are hard to audit.

We have a registration system that systematically discourages participation.If this type of voting system is fine with you, no further action is required - this is what they want you to have.

If, on the other hand, you want a transparent, auditable, inclusive voting system, you need to do something. One of the things you can do is show your support for the Open Voting Consortium.You may be tired of hearing pleas for money, and we're tired of asking. But we must do it. We have to build up support for open voting until the job is done. Right now, we have matching funds pledged to Open Voting Consortium so your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar - doubled.Open Voting Consortium is helping to expose the myth and show a better way. Please contribute now.

The Amazon link is here: If you'd prefer to use PayPal you'll find a link on our home page again to all!

Alan DechertPresident, Open Voting Consortium

9560 Windrose LaneGranite Bay, CA 95746

Rodney N. says fight to defend democracy and mean it, by giving us a registration system free of corruption.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Those who can't, And those who can Aggregate

Taking a decidedly laid back look at things, I was mulling over some numbers while trying to understand how these votes could be arranged and setup the way they are. Unlike other certain programmers, who criticize the magazines who agree with my analysis of the abusive code I tend to take things from a much more centered approach and digest the data.

Then the answer actually started to dawn on me, all these precincts have something in common. Lets view the data on Ohio below and see.

Registered Votes Percent
Voters Cast Turnout Bush Kerry Bush Gore
PIQUA 1-B/D 1095 545 49.77 270 270 164 220
PIQUA 3-A 1277 681 53.33 391 282 198 200
PIQUA 1-A 692 387 55.92 193 188 97 126
SOUTH EAST 1199 678 56.55 502 171 572 206
TROY 4-A 796 477 59.92 278 194 202 164
TROY 4-B/D 881 520 59.02 256 258 178 211
PIQUA 5-A 757 456 60.24 231 220 175 192
TROY 4-E 711 429 60.34 217 203 148 195

"Nordo I believe the reported turnout of 56.55% in Concord South EastPrecinct, which is no doubt contiguous to Concord South West andConcord South precincts, with their reported turnouts of 98.55%and 94.27%. I challenge the extremely high reported turnout in the Bush precincts and the very low reported turnout in the Kerry precinct. It is not my experience that Democrats don’t like to vote. I am skeptical of the results reported for the next four precincts also, where, in the aggregate, Bush gained 279 votes among 392 new voters, where Kerry ran behind Gore by 3.7%, 4.0%,3.5%, and 8.5%, respectively."

Vote Count Percent
2000 2004 Increase Bush Kerry Bush Gore
TROY 2-F 192 321 67.19 407 227 282 146
PIQUA 5-C 380 580 52.63 375 205 214 159
TROY 2-E 435 634 45.75 407 227 282 146
CENTRAL 708 999 41.10 666 327 412 274
TIPP CITY G 536 708 32.09 478 229 332 186
TROY 1-D 538 704 30.86 459 243 344 185
TROY 3-E 515 672 30.49 406 265 296 208
PIQUA 2-B/C 403 523 29.78 278 243 167 219
PIQUA 4-B/C 334 431 29.04 238 193 173 154
WEST MILTON C 557 718 28.90 465 248 351 193
PIQUA 1-C/E 367 472 28.61 261 210 150 197
CONCORD NORTH 283 363 28.27 239 121 197 79
NEWBERRY WEST 478 612 28.03 428 183 337 131
PIQUA 3-D/E 364 464 27.47 273 186 185 166

Nor do I believe that Bush won 254 of 307 new voters inBethel South Central Precinct, 146 of 189 new voters in Tipp CityPrecinct G, 111 of 135 new voters in Piqua Precinct 2-B/C, 111 of124 new voters in Piqua Precinct 1-C/E, or 88 of 108 new votersin Piqua Precinct 3-D/E."
I would have to concur and agree with the expert analyst's comments, all of which argue that the ratio of turnout could not exceed the ratio of the voters. However, such an anomoly is next to impossible to prove without taking the poll books out and phone calling all the area residents.

Until that is, you look at the underlying story of the numbers. All the number variables have one dataset in common that can't be ignored. Year 2000 cencus data from the al gore term, which has gone officially without hindsight and been passed over. This ranged data mixed in with 2004 results, shows us a clearly and deliberately massaged increase in statistics. How is such an increase possible? By the aggregate itself this can quickly become a reality and will conform the actual results to agree with a trend.

Using termed aggregator software, an entire league of unidentified voters have been purged from the rolls of these precincts. The ease of its ability, and the manipulation it has, is monetarily destructive. As proven here, , private information was stolen from the county offices of these precincts and in Lucas County, Ohio. Rigging the rest of the election is now run like clockwork.

"Among the data stolen were e-mails discussing campaign strategy, candidates' schedules, financial information, and phone numbers of party members, candidates, donors, and volunteers. The burglary allowed the thieves to target specific wards and precincts for voter suppression operations, which could explain the low turnout in Democratic precincts. If turnout had been equal in Toledo and the suburbs, Kerry’s plurality in LucasCounty would have been considerably larger."

Precinct sizes will no longer even factor in, now that the government has legalized the use of aggregation. Voters were purged directly from their homes, and not only went uncounted, but went completely miscounted thanks to automated systems now supplying the BOE their data. Blackwell oversaw Ohio alone. But I'm afraid that I must tell you, this has happened in virtually every state. And it was orchestrated.

Rodney N. says stand up and fight the thieves, or else even after federal audits, they will continue making purge lists.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Fireworks Start: Plus Question & Answers session.

For anyone who didn't catch it last time, right when I started doing this blog I stated that Kenneth J. Blackwell would be next to voluntarily fire his BOE employees and clean the house over several gross misconceptions.

A quote from the report below:
"Ms. Ross and Ms. Brown said yesterday they are still considering their options.
A report stemming from an investigation of the county's management of the election concluded the elections board failed to maintain "ballot security," failed to properly manage a flood of voter registrations leading up to the election, issued and accepted faulty absentee ballots, and lost a poll book during the official canvass, a tool that is critical to determining the credibility of hundreds of votes, among other things.

In Ms. Noe's four-page resignation letter to Mr. Blackwell, she charged that the report "is full of inaccuracies and half-truths," and that the investigator, Richard Weghorst, "was a biased investigator and should not have been assigned to investigate our county" because he was one of those involved in administering the November election in Lucas County."

I would like to remind Mr. Blackwell himself, that these are serious criminal based issues and to merely blame your staff and have them take the fall, is not an ethical, nor a smart choice. The BOE yes, it is completely accurate that they were in fact in charge of the aggregators which were constantly used in seperating the voter registries.

It is correct that they did allow obvious procedures that are against the law, to purge a noted variable of unidentified voters from the rolls illegally. It is shown that those with provisionals, were affected the very worst by this deliberate programming fraud.

However Mr. Blackwell, you are the Secretary of State. You had the orders given to those board members, you were in charge of those on the BOE. You knew about everything. And how about you explain now to the people of this district why you did what you did? How about you yourself take full responsibility for ordering the corrupt BOE administration to do it? I dare you to just this once, come completely clean. Admit to your fellow african americans why this happened. Please explain these disenfranchised voters to the three plus largest precinct in Ohio. Come now and view the results for yourself, this was surely all just some mistake perpetrated by the BOE. No, I do not think this qualifies anymore sir. Both the Secretaries of State in Ohio and Florida, should step down and be held accountable to their actions.

And before I go any further, it needs to be brought up about the telling evidence I have viewed. In-between a constant barrage of attacks I have seen heinous evidence of the game Jeb Bush was involved in. The Department of Agriculture certified, and legalized a system which is severely weak to fraud. One that is so surprising, I'm almost disgusted to have even been witness of it.

It is not enough though that these events are brewing. When I unleash the full history here, it will become quite a shock to the airwaves. Right now I however remain a dilligent programmer, getting my job done.

Not long after my words started snowballing the airwaves, Florida is now officially through with the hodge podge game. Perhaps it didn't come a moment too soon. Miami-Dade County, which I have done a full scale study on now, has called for the removal of all iVotronic machines. Do you hear that statisticians? You had best sieze the tabulator in Florida's Miami-Dade, if you want to prove vote purging. You had best do it before its too late.
"Three years after spending $24.5 million to install a controversial touch-screen voting system, Miami-Dade County elections officials have been asked to study scrapping the system in favor of paper-based balloting.

The request from County Manager George Burgess follows the recent resignation of Elections Supervisor Constance Kaplan and the revelation that hundreds of votes in recent elections hadn't been counted."

Finally the time has come for the questions & answers session. I have quite the story to share with you all later, about someone who has been busy blaming and attacking me as well as, apparently trying to have my blogger website hacked completely down. After handling the matter with the webmaster, I have engaged certain security measures here personally.


Thanks for doing your rigged-aggregators blog, i'm gonna try and catch-up on it now that i've found it.

A question: Have you studied the idea that was floated here that the 2000 results were used as a base from which the 2004 results were manipulated?my statistics are a little rusty, so i'm not sure how much this beats the odds...but i've had this post at the back of my mind since I read it back at the end of december and I still believe it holds some promise.

I only e-mail you due to the content I've read so far being along the same lines, and having read that you were a programmer and have had contact with Clint Curtis, i was curious what your take would be on this data.

Thanks for your time,
-Chris Carter
American University Class '07"

Excellent careful questions and analysis. You know in all the time this has been going on, you are officially the first one I have seen actually get it without a long drawn out explanation or redundant exam. Between statisticians, PHDs, doctors, lawyers, and everyone else- they just don't seem to "get" how easy voters are purged and how this works like winding up a clock.

First of all, there is already complete evidence that the aggregators rigged the election in 2000. Only back then, they didn't streamline these devices. You could not find much trace of anything besides purge lists. The system wasn't automated. It was not made by machine code.

If you want to read up more on this, just check Greg Palast's second iteration of the "Best Democracy Money can Buy" which the Moscow Times has now printed a full page article on. Also seen at

ChoicePoint, and specifically now the new company to take over the corporate reign, Accenture profited from voter purges. All while manipulating the system by having their information pre-stored, in the computers. They took this information from other states through the simple fact of interoperation. Half these deceased voters were already existing in Mexico, United States, or more accurately inside any of the databases produced by Accenture and Choicepoint. Jeb Bush and the group who happened to discuss this with Tom Feeney, wrote the automated system into law back in the year 1997 even longer before Clinton had even considered NAFTA.

Unfortunately, the companies handling this contract are plagued by corruption of discrimination. This has been going on with the department of agriculture for now over 10 years. So the relative ease of Bush getting his tricked out vote lists, was truly disheartening. I'm wary to mention that the specifics of this situation were met by automated systems, because there was only one such system in place.

In 2000, Chris Allen and other statisticians already knew and were correctly informed of discrimination and deceased voters being flooded through the tabulators. More then that, they had a certain level of assumption going on about how this would work based on the Dunbar theory of law. To certain people, the idea of a minority being more representive of the full population is more accurate and therefore should be the common factor for random sampling. In fact, when doing the data for the Cencus department, a real government statistics bureau, they would track their responders carefully and therefore massage the data to agree with one ideal.

In truth, the 2000 election data was used as a base. It was used as a mere primer resulting from a conclusively stolen election, to make sense of the population's next sampling opportunity. The fact is the Dunbar law agrees with re-using sample sizes relative to their sample integrity.

7,000 dead people a year could be surveyed to take taxes and hike them, does that mean the results are being made up? I'm not sure you can put it that way. It means that they keep the sampling as close to their previous mirror as possible, and keep the same outdated results inside of it. In the year 2004 the 2000 data and popular districts was used to "massage" the overall totals to conform to their standard. A standard that is used in Cencus bureaus nation wide.

Therefore, an automated system which has been programmed in this finite way now has the results required to call out and purge any voter neccesary when deemed applicable. If for instance, voters cease to register option C in the question center for an on screen ballot, that vote will therefore be dropped by the iVotronic machines in Florida and will cease to ever register. An error, "tsup.dll" or just plain dll error will always happen in the machine. But the vote itself, when shoved in ES&S tabulator will no longer display as nothing but an undervote.

And by law, in more than several states the same exact thing will occur when one said voter hits the "Straight ticket: Under" option, which will never be used as a valid vote. The problem lies in finding just how many dead and bogus voters really did get fed through the numbers; when at the end of the day every tabulator is different. Alltogether though, with this kind of programming code the automatic streamlining is now present through-out all of the states at once.

Even as each counting system will supply a different aggregator, to pull the votes through. Truth being then, that under the benign laws the government has established someone could be purged from the polls immediately for just forgetting to turn in their credit card report.

Discrimination by numbers, and your proof told answer lies in the numbers themselves like that of the Dunbar theory. I tend to think the hand of justice will reach everyone, and I'm shouting to the experts, you had best audit each tabulator's log file and start actually doing something.

"Rodney, great blog. I was wondering something that you had said earlier about a central computer.

I am confused as to what you were talking about. I thought all the tabulators counted up the results at the state level? What is this about the national computer being knocked offline, thanks in advance for your help.

University of Phoenix"

Another great well-requested question. As I have previously discussed before, what most people seem to miss is that there is a central tabulator, or a computer of sorts controlling the elections. In not just 2004, but 2002 as well as other years, this computer has in fact crashed and gone offline. I have much evidence of this I am still reviewing. What was out of character for this election, is that when the central computer crashed offline, two hours later the exit poll results were re-submitted and had switched.

In every single party affiliation, numbers had switched by definition of the new exit poll numbers. But it was only after the fact the computer crashed. Which now a study has been done that shows this could very well have been a denial of service, and that only a denial of service coming from within could have caused it. The government themselves would had to have known or orchestrated the attack on it, because this computer is far too strong to crash by itself. That very likely put enough downtime out there for the million plus purge across the country.

Rodney N. is fighting ferociously against freepers and all manner of attacks, to press forth and get this blog sized down and spread. Due to repeated spamming and unauthorized attacks, comments have been disabled. You are free however to always reach me by email if you like and need to address your questions.