The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Continued In-Between Updates

Once again while waiting on the evidence, I have to give an all important update on what is going on regarding reaching into the hearts of Congress.

While still to this date, I have been unable to get real attention on this issue from the groups who will make the most difference, I have received response from leaders and have good news for those following the story.

I had a chat with Clint Curtis who some know famously as the original programmer for the Vote Fraud, and I finally now have someone who can help translate this terminology, enhancing the message of this blog and getting it to spread like wildfire and catches on in the House as an important topic.

I have also received another response from Congress as I was just telling you.

Its an interesting letter and it tells me that gradually people are understanding the issue.

"Dear Mr. Nols,
Thank you for contacting me regarding the 2004 Presidential Election.

On January 6, 2005, Congress met to count the electoral
votes for President and Vice President as provided
in the Constitution.

Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Senator Barbara Boxer objected to the electoral votes from the state of Ohio.

The objection was raised because of perceived voting irregularities in Ohio.

The House, by a vote of 267 - 31, voted to override the objection and certify the
election results.

The Senate, by a vote of 74-1, reached the same conclusion.

I am committed to working with states from a federal level to assist in
improving voting processes and to ensure that election results are accurate.

I will keep your concerns in mind during the 109th Congress should these
issues come before the House.

For more information on my work in Congress, or to send me
an electronic message, please visit the
21st District's website at

Lamar Smith Member of Congress "

Congressman Lamar Smith of the House Judiciary bench, may be a long time friend of persons such as Tom Delay documented here but he as well has started to distance his relationship with these people.

It seems that even he recognizes the value of dropping the charade and re-forming our electoral process when it is positively clear that it is only suiting the personal interests of a select group of people and that they are not friends of free expression or free democracy.

So far the most powerful responses in congress have been Republican, and one independant, but perhaps this will gradually catch on.

I look forward to doing continuing updates as they come, and here's a sneak peek of what is going to be coming up as I outline specifically, how key people in the government can approve the use of wide-spread aggregation for vote purging.

And if possible, perhaps even how Jeb Bush and several members of this power-cult worked in order to make this a widespread mechanism that makes the government their puppet for anything one desires.

Rodney N. bringing the seeds of corruption to justice. Taking down one casino type president gambit at a time


  • Rodney, aka Andy Sornell, is a leader of a group of freak disinfo artists known as the Fablecrusaders. Since last November, they have been screwing with people’s minds, putting out disinfo at various sites, and disrupting real election fraud research.

    This Kos diary from last year is indicative of what these freaks do:

    And this yahoo group has been formed to capture the tons of evidence on these freaks:

    DO NOT TRUST THESE FREAKS – they only have one goal – disruption. At one point last year, they operated 24/7, 7 days a week, putting out shit all over the place.

    Election fraud did happen…but Rodney/Andy and his team of freaks do not have the answers.


    By Blogger Bozos Rnot4 Bush, at 7:30 PM  

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