The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Exit Polls Collateral: What you must know about aggregators.

Welcome back, today we are going to do an exit poll study.

Note that I am also a skeptic of our polling, and rigorously suggest that many exit polls are conducted on faulty logic and may not be accurate. However, the representation exhibited here is undeniable.

"Time Sample Bush Kerry Nader 7:58pm
11027 47.91% 50.76% 1.14%

13047 47.90% 50.76% 1.00% 12:22am

But look what happens between 12:22am and 2:04pm (after just613 additional respondents): 2:04pm
13660 50.89% 48.04% 0.30% Kerry gained in the Party ID split between 7:58pm and12:22am, going from 38 Dem/36 Rep/26 Independent to 38 Dem/35Rep/27 Independent (2020 respondents). The effect of this slight change was to increase his national weighted average from 50.24% to 50.69%.

Time Sample Bush Kerry Nader

7:58pm 11027 48.24% 50.24% 1.26%

12:22am 13047 47.77% 50.69% 0.92%
But the next day, the Party ID weights mysteriously changed to 37/37/26 when the final 613 respondents were sampled -quite a feat. 2:04pm 13660 49.69% 49.15% 0.27% "Mix1 Bush Kerry Nader Mix2 Bush Kerry Nader Mix3 Bush Kerry Nader
Male 46.0% 51% 47% 1% 46% 52% 47% 1% 46% 55% 44% 0
Female 54.0% 45% 54% 1% 54% 45% 54% 1% 54% 48% 51% 0
Bush Kerry
100% 47.76% 50.78% 1.00%

100% 48.22% 50.78% 1.00%
100% 51.22% 47.78% 0.00%

Bush Kerry Nader Mix Bush Kerry Nader Mix Bush Kerry Nader
Prot 53.0% 56% 43% 1% 53% 56% 43% 1% 53% 59% 40% 0
Cath27.0% 49% 50% 1% 27% 49% 50% 1% 27% 52% 47% 0
Jewish 3.0% 23% 77% 0 3% 23% 77% 0% 3% 25% 74% 0
Other 7.0% 20% 75% 5% 7% 20% 75% 4% 7% 23% 74% 1%
None10.0% 29% 70% 1% 10% 29% 70% 1% 10% 31% 67% 1%

Bush Kerry
100% 47.90% 50.85% 1.25%
100% 47.90% 50.85% 1.18%
100% 50.77% 47.99% 0.17% "

Something clearly is impossible here when the percentages for both education, idealology, and religion all switch places completely down to the 1% margin of error.

"Exit Poll Comparison Summary Poll

Bush Kerry Nader Gender
11027 47.76% 50.78% 1.00%

13047 48.22% 50.78% 1.00%

13660 51.22% 47.78% 0.00%
11027 48.18% 50.34% 1.48%

13047 48.05% 50.21% 1.17%

13660 51.24% 47.82% 0.42%

11027 47.96% 51.04% 1.00%

13047 47.86% 50.94% 1.00%

13660 50.75% 47.06% 0.22%

11027 48.17% 50.53% 1.30%

13047 48.17% 50.53% 1.00%

13660 51.28% 47.96% 0.29%

11027 48.12% 51.42% 1.46%

13047 48.12% 51.42% 0.95%

13660 51.02% 48.13% 0.11%

11027 48.60% 50.07% 1.00%

13047 48.15% 49.85% 1.00%

13660 50.83% 47.95% 0.22%

11027 47.90% 50.85% 1.25%

13047 47.90% 50.85% 1.18%

13660 50.77% 47.99% 0.17%

11027 47.91% 50.76% 1.14%
13047 47.90% 50.76% 1.00%
13660 50.89% 48.04% 0.30% " (Official exit poll weightings

The problem here is not in that the exit polls are faulty, or that the exit polls are correct in fact it is not in EITHER disparity. What I am trying to get through to all of you, is that the fact that the percentage is near exact as each number switches places according to what the voter marked on the exit poll when the numbers reversed.

The degree of pristine clarity and calculation in those numbers, is IMPOSSIBLE. Not with over 50 years of training on how to bungle exit polls or take surveys, could you randomly create such an error.

The exact flip of the numbers, which started out with the Democratic side ahead, and flipped to the republic side in less than an hour inside the exact same 1% margin of error can not be done. It can not be ever accomplished by any means that such examples possess.

There is only TWO concrete explanations, which would put the closer on this degree of disparity at the precinct level.
This degree of disparity I show you on this column:

13047 47.95% 51.23% 0.54%
13660 51.22% 47.50% 0.19%

Republic side shows an exact vote count in response of 47.95% down to the 1% margin of error, and instantly, after less than 620 people sign their name to the poll, that number has become the exact same as the democratic side of 51.23%!!! It is not even conceivable by normal man. In the exact same instance, the democrat side has now decreased, permanently, to roughly 47.95%!

This happened in every single precinct it seems there is which had record turnout registration, leaving only two explanations that could EVER account for this result

A) In every single PRECINCT, of every state in the USA, specifically the swing states, at every local level race, the exit poll takers polled the WRONG VOTER AREAS across the entire board. The result of this happening whether it be 50, 100, or 200 precincts across the U.S.A and regardless of denomination, is in the odds of less than .000000001 percent, it has the possibility of happening if lightning strikes the same place TWICE in the same exact minute.

B) The exit poll results have been cooked, and voters purged. The probability of this is more than 45%, over 1000 times higher than the previous explanation.

In fact, thanks to legalized aggregators deployed into every single precinct across the U.S.A, the chances of this happening are now much higher than 50% because it was not done by humans it was done by machines tabulating results.

I bring you evidence of Accenture, legalizing the use of its aggregators for just about all of the elections.
The problem here is a straight cut bias was already implemented, WATV and other channels had reported tabulators would NEVER COUNT the straight ticket vote in just about every single race deployed in these states and it had been written into law.

Likewise for the exit polls, people polled within certain criteria were never counted. That's the official truth, those people had never been counted.

Further they were purged, as the people data-mining aggregator Accenture runs is proven to purge and destroy thousands of data records.

Accenture cuts contract to federalize elections.
"Author: Colby Press Room

anyway, I have a quick point to make about, the company that oversaw the balloting on behalf of the NDs. This is the first time most of us have heard of, surely. How do we know these guys can be counted on? Their name doesn't exactly scream "long, trusted tradition". (It doesn't even scream "good sense"--how many dot-com firms still haven't gotten around to getting rid of their equity-poisoning dot-com names?) Fortunately, is allied with, and partly owned by, a firm with a long track record of probity--Accenture, the Company Formerly Known As Andersen Consulting. The Accenturions would definitely want me to note that "since August 7, 2000, Accenture has not been associated with Andersen Worldwide or Arthur Andersen". "

Accenture federalizes citizen data aggregators.
Author: NYtimes (Glenn)
"Today controversy erupted over the Homeland Security Department's new "virtual border" system that is supposed to use biometric technology to identify visitors to the United States and link disparate databases at INS and other agencies into a seamless whole. Calling the US-VISIT program "a striking failure," Rep. Jim Turner lambasted DHS for naming Accenture as the prime contractor for a project that could be worth as much as $10 billion in coming years. "It appears that in their rush to get something out there quickly, they've gone down a path that's basically a repeat of our old technology systems."

What this illustrates is a problem inherent in all technology-driven applications. If all that is done in re-architecting a system is to develop new interfaces for legacy databases, then the information-retreival problems of the old systems never go away. As Forrrester Research reports, "When discovered midproject, data defects and data structure anomalies in legacy databases lead to time and cost overruns." In technical terms, a "mismatch between instance information and schema information." Duh! It's not much unlike what happened to Microsoft when it tried to build Windows 95 on top of old DOS code.

Not until Windows NT and later Windows XP, which started fresh, did things really get straightened out.
So the lesson for government, once again, is to learn from the private sector. Except this time, don't try to emulate them. Learn from their mistakes. Ten billion dollars is a lot to spend when you're just putting old wine into new bottles." "

Accenture would have been out of sight if it wasn't for the truth that it is not just a technology firm. It's known as Arthur Anderson Consulting and employs many of the largest aggregator programmers including chief technologist Nick Chalko.

Arthur Anderson Consulting were the crimelords behind ENRON. Arthur Anderson has shady relationships with Adnan Khashoggi, Tom Delay, all of the privateers.

Thanks to full frontal aggregators, specific precinct biases down to the lowest level of denomination can be explained. The product line here has been issued as late back as early 1999 in the company records. The official line is,Accenture and the other folks deny all knowledge of caging lists and fraud.

Of course, they are waist deep in it to this date. All problems are compounded by the fact these tabulated cooked results are determined by aggregators. In essence, ChoicePoint and Accenture know everything about your real identity, name, drivers liscence and can at any time one chooses create a shell identity.

Shell identities are untraceable from the real thing. All allow for widescale hacking fraud through employees who simply login and log out, when updating VOTE registrar lists. Anytime the lists are updated, thousands upon thousands of ready caged voters who even probably had voted elsewhere are for any reason at all lost and destroyed. They are lost from the tabulators forever and you will never at any point find their information. I was surprised to find out you can install shell accounts too easily.

Accenture is open free source with the government, they share all stored identities openly with everyone there is and as shown in this hardcore evidence I am going to expunge, they datamine completely illegal names sometimes that are even pre-manufactured.

Clifford Arnebeck retrieved this hard copy of an entire full record of bogus, aggregator created voter lists.

"No Registration Found 040304265 [NOTE: no name or address – only voter
information number] [ A ] No Registration Found 040302811 ABDULLAHI MOHAMED
PROVIDENCE GLEN DR COLUMBUS OH 43219 No Registration Found 040303822
JESSICA 5386 RIFLE DR CANAL WINCHESTER OH 43110 No Registration Found
Found 040302928
Registration Found
OH 43206 No
Registration Found 040303685 ARMSTRONG WILLIE 624 HARMON AVE
No Registration Found 040304215 ASCHE MARKUS J 6677
WINCHESTER OH 43110 No Registration Found
040303048 AUSTIN JOSEPH 6978
Registration Found 040303339 AZEEZ
43229 No Registration Found 040302902
CITY OH 43123

You say then why on earth would that many voters be tossed in who are probably bogus, and if you haven't noticed its because data aggregators have mined their identities out of nowhere even on the internet and transported them into their central file.

Its very easy for an automated data aggregator to do all of this. So at the same time thousands lose their registrations allowing them to vote, thousands others are replaced by bogus votes which show up on the BOE database as "no votes" yet their selection is already cast. 99% of them defaulted to one candidate.

Your private information is now floating out there somewhere, thanks to insecure data aggregators. Welcome to the 21st century.

Rodney N. exposing the truth about corrupted democracy in the world today.


  • I have noticed you have mentioned Accenture several times. I know you are talking about computer related software problems, and you touched on little bit of the background on Accenture. But I think you let out one thing that could be the reason why Accenture did what it did during the 2004 elections. And that is Accenture's former CEO but now lead director of the Accenture board, Sir Mark Moody-Mark. He has a very interesting background.

    He is chairman of Anglo American plc, a global mining and natural resources company. His bio from Accenture's web site.

    "From 1998-2001 Sir Moody-Stuart was chairman of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of companies. He was also chairman The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company from 1997 to 2001, after having served six years as both managing director of Shell Transport and managing director of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies. He remains on the board. He is also a Director of HSBC Holdings plc, a Governor of Nuffield Hospitals and a Vice President of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. He was co-Chair of the G8 Task Force on Renewable Energy in 2000 and 2001."

    Like you posted Accenture is "Arthur Andersen." Supporting to what you posted, from the BBC- "As the Enron row rumbles on, opposition parties are putting under the spotlight those links with Andersen, the renamed accountancy arm of the former Arthur Andersen group. (The consultancy arm is now a separate company called Accenture)."

    You might find this article interesting from the BBC. It looks like Accenture is just plan dirty.

    Hewitt's links
    Confusion is added to the Andersen angle by the fact that Accenture (the renamed Andersen Consulting), until 2000 its sister company, has also been close to Labour - Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt used to be its research director.-snip-

    The company complains its history is often inaccurately reported and indeed highlights that Accenture/Andersen Consulting was never banned from government work after De Lorean.

    Those ties - or lack of them - are just one more complexity in a row devilled by detail.
    But coming back to the US, I am bothered by this guy because of one main reason, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart chaired companies linked to South Africa's apartheid. From

    As lead director of the company hired by Florida to fix the state’s controversial felon voting rolls is also chairman of a company many regard as a former pillar of South African apartheid, RAW STORY has discovered.

    Since joining the board of African mining conglomerate Anglo American plc a year ago, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart has sought to fend off class-action lawsuits from laborers and Africans who allege the company played a major role in propping up South Africa’s former apartheid government.


    Accenture also failed to comply with a 2000 NAACP settlement which required the firm to notify them and the U.S. Justice Department of project changes.

    The Florida Inspector General’s Office issued a scathing 50-page audit on Nov. 22 addressing Accenture’s and the Division of Elections’ mismanagement of the project. The audit said inadequate project management within the state elections division created most of the problems.
    I hope you name them Rodney.

    By Blogger XicanoPwr, at 9:50 AM  

  • Rodney, aka Andy Sornell, is a leader of a group of freak disinfo artists known as the Fablecrusaders. Since last November, they have been screwing with people’s minds, putting out disinfo at various sites, and disrupting real election fraud research.

    This Kos diary from last year is indicative of what these freaks do:

    And this yahoo group has been formed to capture the tons of evidence on these freaks:

    DO NOT TRUST THESE FREAKS – they only have one goal – disruption. At one point last year, they operated 24/7, 7 days a week, putting out shit all over the place.

    Election fraud did happen…but Rodney/Andy and his team of freaks do not have the answers.


    By Blogger Bozos Rnot4 Bush, at 12:29 PM  

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