The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How Rigged Aggregators have compromised our elections

I want to be frank with you, I was once a skeptic of the shrewdest degree regarding any kind of fraudulently played elections. I still don't entirely believe in it, but I do know it was rigged, and it was with my careful considerations and deliberate strict expertise on C++ and extensive markup language coding that I came to the conclusion, after undeniable analysis, study, and trouble-shooting.

I give you inside this blog, some of the never before seen results of that study and analysis, and show you why we are in greater danger than ever before thanks to completely, and utterly abused software coded with intent to purge and destroy. It has the intention to de-regulate and de-legitamize all elections and all security in the United States as a whole, and this force of reckoning which is the center-piece of what really runs our nation's counting computers called tabulators has been around in various forms since even early 1989.

First a beginning analysis of the coding and software done by me.

"I'm going to talk about code here, and analyze this code as we go along in it step by step. I'm going to be talking about the code in three different concrete phases.

First is to be as thurough as possible to make sure it is understood exactly, point by point, how something like this is stretched together and actually works the way it does.

The second reason is to limit unanswered questions, or confusion both, which can reside from a discussion about specific subjects.

The third reason however, is so it can be grasped directly the kind of magnitude such coded programs can produce related to their own ethics.

XML and Extensible Markup Language can use Variable Names and paths to parse documents together and string long sets of actual data, breaking it down into a networked chain of information repositories.(Note: An aggregator can do this function in such an automated way no more XML is needed)

Just call it the large scale web of coded objects if you really need to, and attempt at following along for the ride.

In this instance I am going to follow the principal programmer, like a dance and show each step in its relationship to the program and how it affects the rest and itself, because of many variables.

" The PathCondition interface keeps a depth variable with theVariableBroker. A test is created with a cd attribute. When the test begins with a tilde, then the test is interpreted as a pattern,otherwise the test is interpeted as a literal path. "

The programmer is simply defining the object, and its related trajectory. Here and as the code continues, he is setting a way inaction to pave a road for the ^PathCondition^ as he is calling it to interface with another object, in this case it looks to be an actual CD.

Keep in reference to this point, XML of many varieties can transpose vast amounts of data to and from documents onto CD's, onto multimedia files, onto databases, and onto the internet depending on the skill, the aptitude, and discipline of the programmer. If he being Gutierrez was interested he could move thousands of megabytes, if neccesary, across his VariableBroker as he keeps referring, but this is merely only a sample test, null and void by real programming terms.




Here we have gone from setting up a simple feeble path, or way for said object to travel, to actually defining it. The only way to effectively communicate it to high-end computers is by setting its class, which as in custom C++ language will be picked up by that compiler immediately. If it does not, a typo error is a guarantee as otherwise you may have a very real compatibility issue.

Defining it does not mean it is immediately ready either, it sets the strings to now be parsed. As stored in the point of origination or where it is coming from, as you say, it will now parse that string by itself. The parser is an apache applet, which he has now just activated and brought its string back into the parsing thread for processing.


It now has finally reached a point where he can officially parse it,the command here makes the string parsed and the class recognize it without a mistake.

<.declareclass="com.agtrz.relay.condition.PathCondition" ns-prefix="path"/>'

This part is not even as complicated as it appears. He has set the condition or the object, just PathCondition for now to find its path, this command allows that object to find its route now oftravel, essentially the data is now in tow to be delivered to its destination.













This part is where the fun comes in. He is not just merely defining and transplanting data, he is interconnecting a web, of which tothat end the data can be transplanted wherever he chooses. This advanced form of XML, known as Momento, does custom interface design like this and can do it all the way through thousands of data sets or more as I have discovered. (Note: An aggregator does these feeds instantaneously)

First, with the relay. By using the originally programmed storage point he can bounce the data off as a relay and then from there it can travel to the CD. However, it will not merely travel to the CD, it will now travel to the point he specifies, for the program to automatically select that data and transplant it there. When the path meets said condition, the data will transplant there and there only. Then, the next switch, as in C++ or other familia linguistics,will select and transplant that data somewhere else.

Then, one step further, according to the onset of this data which could be size, date, many variables for the data, the program will parse it directly before it is transplanted. Once parsed he may choose to do something else with it. Another API could be even programmed here and made to be uniform standard. Collecting the vote tallies from a database could be done by this base code, and then selectively transplanted into each catergory by precinct, by race, by nomination and all of the above according to its defined variables. He is simply only transplanting data like music or webfiles, I am only pointing to these facts to be consistent about how easy it is to do for a master programmer.

By the math directly of which his variable key is defined, he can transplant this data and choose even at random, where to put it. Something could be concealed or hidden on that CD if anyone with real experience wanted to, and said API would become active upon definition.


























Finally now he is doing it by entry, by day, by month and by year if need be. Each entry is taking the xslt onset switch and activating it by the standard of the path he has the computer automatically catergorized as. He has done this as many times as he wants, because native to normal XML, he can set new onsets and define them with no other limits or flyback.

A simple switch on program like this could allow his daughter to keep track of all days in a year on a CD, or play a certain song ona specific day, every time, on the CD, or any manner of datadelivery. The basic premise is this was nothing but one simple test,a way to feel the waters for what it can do, that is all but let's put this into another line of inquiry.

' In the comming months, provided I can get Momento( /)off the ground, I'll be starting to play around with an ASF licensedbrowser in C++. If anything, this project taught me that there worldlongs for a standards compliant, lightweight, emeddable browser under a BSD license. '

The custom made XML Language he created, could mercilessly manufacture web browsers, TCP/IP protocols, Word to PDF files, many types of ASCII documents, and many a number of specialized tools.Possibly a logical design would be a new web browser like Oracle. But, its the application of its use, not its use. If the XML is strong enough it could customize entire legions of datasets. (Note: This is exactly what an aggregator does, depending on which it is)

If in the example above, let us say a hacker created that program. That hacker could instantly transplant a virus onto a CD and hide it where ever it is chosen to be hidden. It then could be extracted just as quickly, destroying an entire SEQUIL database. If the hacker was good enough, he could customize the timeset to which the virus attaches itself to any outreaching source, which would mean that virus could lay dormant in thousands of programs. A worm could lay asleep for as long as the clock decided to allow.

A program as small as made in Visual Basic or other, like made by Clint Curtis, can lay inside of its own specialized path until called upon. Once activated said program can do all the damage right inside of XML's own hidden network of strings. Luckily, normal forms of XML are not that sophisticated or customizable nor versatile. (Note: While this paragraph was an example, the scenario where a hacker abused it has already happened) "

Full source for the Momento-XML code, developed by Alan Gutierrez.

After studying Momento's raw use of customized datasets for what seems like ages, I came across a friend of his another programmer by the name of Nick Chalko.

Nick Chalko was quite a different story alltogether. First, he was an Army Officer. Second, he was a renowned GOP strategist by the GOP, and heavily involved with quite the group of strange men. As I look below the results are startling.

"' Nick Chalko1857 Avenida MartinaRoseville, CA 95747

Phone: (***) 771-3785 URL:

Professional Objective Lead a team of talented programmers in solving a clients needs using Javaand Web technologies.

Employment HistorySr. Java ProgrammerTeksystemsJune 2002-Present

Achievements:Migrated J2EE based document management system fro Weblogic 6.2 andDocumentum 4.2 to Weblogic 8.1 and Documentum 5.2.Developed Java servlets for MVC of Document Management SystemUsed J2EE pattern of a Session Fa├žade to Hide implementation detailsofDocumentum content repository.Lead weekly developer knowledge sharing meetings.Built and maintained automated unit tests using Ant, JUnit, and Gump.Used Astra Quick Test to provide Automated Regression testing.Sr Java DeveloperZen Systems.Febuary 2002-April 2002

Achievements:Implemented Java Swing Client Server application for CommercialInsuranceCompany using JBuilder6 and Informix.Created and assisted in development procedures and formaldocumentationforproject.Created Automated Build and Tests for development using the crossplatformjava build tool ant and cygwin/unix shell scripts. .Used Apache/TomCat for JSP processing.Normalized Existing Database design.Created JNI interfaces as needed for connecters and adapters oflegacysystems.Created application processes for GIS and Geo-code based data for RiskAnalysis in OraclePrinciple EngineerPlanet UJuly 2000-January 2002

Designed 3-tier Internet Promotions Platform in UML for a J2EEenvironment.Implemented EJB with Bean Managed Persistence.Developed EJBs using IBM Visual Age for Java and IBM's Websphere.Tested and Deployed using BEA's Weblogic 6.1Implemented a MVC web design using Jakarta struts.Extend the Jakarta Cactus/JUnit test framework for use with Struts.Mentored other Java Programmers.Developed and automated documentation procedures to complementFeatureDriven Design.Developed internal tools for code generation and analysis using AntandXMLparsers.Completed Developing EJB Applications with BEA WebLogic ServerVersion5course at BEALead DeveloperDMR Consulting GroupNov 1999-June 2000

Architecture and Design: Object Oriented Design and methodologies(Booch andUML), Rational Unified Process, Exterme Programming, Agile Methods,N-tierWeb Applications, client/server programming..

Networking: CAT 5 structured cabling, network design and problemresolution,help desk management, customer support.

Security Clearances:Top Secret, United States Marine Corps '

That was interesting, I thought. Not only does Nick Chalko involve himself with the GOP, he has Top Level government security clearance. Just what is the story here? In order to find out the story, I had to dig deeper.

Finally it came together. Nick Chalko had worked with other programmers to perfect source ID hiding technology, creating something he labeled as the "people aggregator".

But how did this come about, and just why was Chalko in specific involved?

Apparently the correct answer was Nick Chalko had been involved with quite a group of colorful people as shown in the blogs above. Most of them, intentionally working for the GOP. Most of them if not all, expected the president's re-election. Why was this election so expected and anticipated? Because to be qualitatively frank, they already knew it was finalized.

Not only was Chalko working with them, he had been hired on as a chief build technologist for Accenture Limited as far back as 2003.(And into 2004)

"Nick Chalko
I have accepted a position at Accenture
[Personal Log ] [Permalink]
After working more than 2 years on contract to Calpine, I have accepted a new contract job at Accenture through a Dynamic Staffing Inc.

Calpine is "Reinventing IT" so reorganization of the IT department was a first step. A consequence of this was that consultants are only allowed to stay for one year. Since I had already worked at Calpine for more than 2 years it was time for me to go.

When I interviewed with Accenture, I was really excited to discover what they needed was a Build Architect. Accenture has $200 Million of the $800 Million IBM contract to handle the Child Support system for California. Accenture has put together a team of more than Java 80 developers. Some one needs to get all the separate project to build. My experience writing custom ant tasks, extending the ant build system and building large numbers of projects using gump was a great fit. I start to work for Accenture on Monday, Aug 23.
Comments [0] Trackbacks [0] "

They wanted his aggregator design expertise, and gave him one of the biggest positions. He talks about an amazing amount of career experiences in his blog, and websites dedicated to Accenture.

People Aggregator is where I finally hit paydirt. Alan Gutierrez, had been proven to be supplying him the Momento-XML code all along for projects. "I couldn't find the related key, and Alan Gutierrez provided the answer. Thanks Alan (Wed May 12 08:43 .Thanks to my associates... is the People Aggregator referred to today."

On the surface it looked like Chalko was making purposefully corrupted aggregators, that break down and don't work correctly. Proven transcripts show him do it with news aggregators.

Go read Chalko's emails and references and judge for yourself why he's doing this deliberately. I'm even going to post excerpts here, when the service is back running fast.

For those who just can not grasp the concept yet read this report below this line. Here is some straight up-history of aggregators, so you understand exactly how they work

"To enable this, a Web site will make an RSS feed, or channel,available, just like any other file or resource on the server. Once a feed is available, computers can regularly fetch the file to get the most recent items on the list. Most often, people will do thiswith an aggregator, a program that manages a number of lists and presents them in a single interface.

RSS can also be used for other kinds of list-oriented information,such as syndicating the content itself (often weblogs) along with the links. However, this tutorial focuses on the use of RSS for syndication of links.

What's in a RSS feed? A feed contains a list of items, each of which is identified by alink. Each item can have any amount of metadata associated with it.

The most basic metadata supported by RSS includes a title for the link and a description of it; when syndicating news headlines, these fields might be used for the story title and the first paragraph or a summary, for example. For example, an simple item might look like;(read website)The earth was attacked by an invasion fleet from halfway across the galaxy; luckily, a fatal miscalculation of scale resulted in the entire armada being eaten by a small dog.

Additionally, the feed itself can have metadata associated with it,so that it can be given a title (e.g., "Bob's news headlines"),description, and other fields like publisher and copyright terms.

For an idea of what full feeds look like, see 'RSS Versions andModules'.

How do people use feeds?Aggregators are the most common use of RSS feeds, and there are several types. Web aggregators (sometimes called portals) make this view available in a Web page; my Yahoo is a well-known example of this. Aggregators have also been integrated into e-mail clients,users' desktops, or standalone, dedicated software. See 'Aggregators and other RSS Clients' for more information.

Aggregators can offer a variety of special features, including combining several related feeds into a single view, hiding items that the viewer has already seen, and categorizing feeds and items.

Other uses of RSS feeds include site tracking by search engines andother software; because the feed is machine-readable, the search software doesn't have to figure out which parts of the site areimportant and which parts are just the navigation and presentation.You may also choose to allow people to republish your feeds on theirWeb sites, giving them the ability to represent your content as they require.

Why should I make an RSS feed available?Your viewers will thank you, and there will be more of them, because RSS allows them to see your site without going out of their way to visit it.

For example, imagine that your company announces a new product or feature every month or two. Without a feed, your viewers have to remember to come to your site and see if they find anything new - if they have time. If you provide a feed for them, they can point their aggregator or other software at it, and it will give them a link anda description of developments at your site almost as soon as they happen."

Normal Aggregators can store lists of anything, not just names, and interface them right directly with websites. It could keep track of ID's for how many trucks you have sold, how many days you have worked, or how many VOTES have been cast as well.

And this which is known as the people data mining aggregator, is in no way a normal aggregator.

Nick Chalko has taken down the profile information for it now, so nobody can see. But instead, I've saved the source code. I've saved the program which allows you to use the aggregator and RSS feeds and play around a bit.

"People's Aggregator
Session Replace: Access denied for user: 'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES)
Session: connection failed
The syndication
Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at
Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user:
Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Access denied for user:
Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Access denied for user:
Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Access denied for user:
Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter -
Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie - headers
already sent by (output started at
but I was unable to retrieve the RDF model from my database.
headers already sent (output started at
'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in
'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in
'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in
'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES) in
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ on line 235
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ on line 251
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ on line 251
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ on line 251
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ in
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ in
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/adodb/drivers/ in
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/main.php on line 40
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/main.php on line 40
/usr/web/peopleaggregator/env_production/lib/main.php on line 41
Access denied for user: 'pauser@localhost' (Using password: YES) PeopleAggregator "

Each time the parser even brings up request, it interrupts the lib file and corrupts the data. If you log into the aggregator manually, this will not happen exactly, but just as quick you can corrupt the data by simply logging out. In this perspective it is important to understand how this shoddy, manipulative XML code works and why it is especially dangerous that it manages thousands of datasets at one time.

Test out what is left of the People Aggregator, and use it to open RSS feeds- you might learn something important. Filtering. What's that? Its pulling confidential information right out of nowhere? That's what this type of aggregator is built to do, and it can purge it down just as fast.


For example, let's say that we have a variable pre-defined folks. It doesn't matter essentially what it is, but lets say for example it is catergorizing a Jewish-Orthodox priest, or African-American catholic. Based on set criteria, "NullStatement"= manual.priest.parser to , if manual.priest= "JewOrthodox" "NullStatement" = False. reformat "NullStatement" ' identity.index does not recognize JewOrthodox, catergory=else loop for "VariableBroker" "JewOrthodox" not defined, error in line 291.object terminated.

Such an example of set code can automatically purge the user or stated identity which is stored inside the aggregator and fed to the tabulator, automatically. In other volatile terms it can destroy and purge vast amounts of objects depending on its programming. If for instance, identity.index did not have any terms defined for "StrghtTicket" which is straight ticket vote, then the straight ticket vote, down to that specific level including individual precinct would never count. One side of the aggregator distributes, pulls, and flushes information out in every direction. Identities can be created, and records can be manufactured.

The other side of the people data mining aggregator, purges, deletes, and expells stricken criteria from the record. Setup internal programs which are already designed and triggered by the user, can create a defined set of unanimous variables down to the most specific level of line of sight you can name. All names, social security numbers, and information stored inside aggregators can be manipulated and also purged.

Accenture loaded voter felon lists for instance into their aggregators, but they also had quite an experience with the law in Ontario Canada. This caused an entire welfare reform network to crash and burn. With known purge lists, "caging lists" and other indexes already loaded into the aggregators, the bias and proverbial slant is pre-determined from the stage onset. From the first time you say "Go", it goes.

"Resources to Determine What Personal Info Is Maintained On You By Database Aggregator From the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: The ChoicePoint Data Security Breach: What It Means for You, and How to Find Out What ChoicePoint Knows about You

Related resources: No Place to Hide, Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society by Robert O'Harrow

See also these related be Spacific postings, Online Interview With Author of New Book on Surveillance Society and Washington Post Examines Data Aggregator ChoicePoint" "Live Information Models pulls structured and unstructured data from databases, ERP apps, legacy systems, and external sources such asnews wires and Web sites.By Rick Whiting InformationWeek

Accenture is quietly shopping around a new app that lets peoplepull data, in real time, from a wide range of back-end sources usingMicrosoft Excel and Word. The technology relies heavily on Webservices and information-integration software from Juice Software Inc.

Packaged business-intelligence tools generally access pre-aggregated data stored in offline data warehouses. Accenture's system, called Live Information Models, pulls structured and unstructured data fromdatabases, ERP apps, legacy systems, and external data sources suchas news wires and Web sites. The data streams into Excel or Word,where users manipulate it for their own needs.

Using Excel to access enterprise system data "gives the end userswhat they really want," says Philip Russom, a Giga Information Groupanalyst. Microsoft's Active X Data Objects technology also links Excel to back-end data sources, he says, but it's limited to point-to-point connections."

Accenture and the government believe sharing of all data is crucial."Information Technology Shared ServicesThe Government Executive Series - Driving High Performance in Government: Maximizing the Value of Public-Sector Shared Services.Accenture, January 2005 - in pdf format. (To view this document youwill need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer).(1320kb)Shared-Services in Government. Government Technology, February 16,2005. "The majority of government executives believe that shared services are important to helping them achieve their organizations'strategic goals, according to a study released recently by Accenture..." "

Ontario system glitch in state Welfare Database"

Neil Sutton While critics like OPSEU say the province paid too muchfor the Accenture project, a procurement expert blames unrealistic deadlines. We dig through an auditor's report to find out what went wrong..."

Accenture already knew about this and was hunting for a people data mining aggregator back in 2002. It just so happens Nick Chalko was one of the head developers of it, he was in the right place at the right time. So now what it comes down to is not a speculation today. What we have is a concrete form of technological evil, which has been abused down to the smallest level.

Today ChoicePoint and Accenture run their people aggregators all over the entire world, un-regulated, and make use of voter ID, registration, bankrolls and more. With the tabulators themselves they appear to have already been instilled in a ballot network jamming design which is not by accident. I exemplify code from a Washington State Tabulator below this line.

It's fairly messy and this not only happened of course in Washington, but in several states across the entire coast. In an update to this blog I will post a screen capture of it.

What began as a meaningless operation on code soon turned into something that threatens the nation's own security, and puts everyone not seizing this evident corrupted data at risk. The odds in having less than 2 people logging in and switching the aggregators on and off is about 50% chance. The odds in having a whole network of 100 people hacking things is about less than 10%, but still possible.

However known individuals who take great pride in frauding the constitution could have in no question, logged in and corrupted the aggregators and under no uncertain terms definitely did. And ultimately as I explain below, the real place the server logs are all running and are always running is the national federal tabulator by the associated press.

What we are up against, and why the tabulator code must be audited for the exact aggregator lines of operation and any entries into the database including timestamps.


"By Alex Lawson

(October 25, 2004) - If you plan to check a straight party box on the ballot on election day, you'd better think twice. NewsChannel 3 has discovered that if you just vote straight party, your vote for president won't count. That happens only in North and South Carolina.We found that most people don't know about it.

Casting a straight party vote is easy. Check the box, and everyone in that party gets your vote. Except the candidates running for the White House.

"The presidential vote must be cast separately. A straight party vote does not count for the presidential election. It is a state law that a straight party ticket can only count for all the other races, but not for the presidential vote," said New Hanover County Board ofElections Secretary Jonathan Washburn."

Just two states have the law, North and South Carolina. Election officials say it showed in the 2000 election. North Carolinians cast more than 3,000,000 votes that year. But, less 3,000,000 votes were counted in the race for president.

Officials believe many people voted straight ticket and never had their vote count in the race for the White House. Elna Rimel says she was of them.

"I was shocked. That's not fair. Well I'm glad I found out about it before I voted because I would have voted a straight ticket today,"said Elna Rimel.

Election workers and party officials are making sure people know what to do this year. Democrats are handing out instructions. Republicans are also reminding voters as they go to the polls. The Board of Elections is posting signs in precincts and putting notes on ballots...trying to make sure all the votes count in 2004.

One other thing to keep in mind. If you vote straight party, it won't count in non-partisan election, like a judge's race. You still have to cast votes separately in those races. "

My comments: Just like counting of exit polls, a people aggregator pre-deposed to not count the straight party VOTE, on each individual punching CARD,and across the entire party line in just about every instance can automatically erase, delete, and purge that voter's intent.

Story of North Carolina and South Carolina -

Story of Missouri -

Wisconsin, Florida, and the South -

However, in every single instance of these irregularities they went against the democratic party line, decreasing the undervote while increasing the overvote for the opposite republic party line. How this was done was obviously through pre-deposed ballot jamming code. I first noticed it in the WashingtonCounty Audit logs, but didn't know what to make of it at the time.

It is a result of mis-used XM/aggregator code being pre-deposed ineach machine, like the machines used in Christine Gregorie's race. The only way to prove once and for all that they have illegally done this in 6 states, which they have, is to seize the control code for the machines and view the entire ballot counting algorithm.

Clint Curtis prototype code was for a guarantee used in the main federal tabulator. I noticed this after zealous analysis of the exit polls by religion ID. When the exit polls actually flipped, the democrat side became the near exact number as the republican side,down to the 1% margin of error which otherwise would be impossible.

The exit polls simply matched the weighted final flipped column of the tabulator. In the process of this, thousands upon over a million democratic registrations were purged forever. If there is a way to force them to seize the associated press tabulator, you will in all probability find the Curtis program.

This came to me after realizing that so many machines could not stand to benefit from Curtis program, but flipped national totals, on the national level would. On the other side of it the identities of the known persons who "hacked" or "rigged" the vote will only be found onthe main tabulator's server logs. It keeps an account of all feeds you see going in and out of it on the national level. Hiding identities on the local tabulators is a simple matter reserved down to point and click. But hiding anyone's identity on the national level, the mainframe so to speak is impossible. "

And the question remains which should be asked to lawyers, why is it in every single instance of a lost party vote that was straight-ticket it has affected the democratic side in the the most populated districts, of every state?

There is hardcore evidence of aggregator corruption along with in addition to that, speculation on how Curtis code was probably used. And we have only a set amount of time to act on it and correctly sieze this Nazi esque corruption from taking away our own civil rights or power.

What was once sacred, programmers, has now been taken for granted. I leave you with a study of our national exit poll.


Mix Bush Kerry Nader Mix Bush Kerry Nader Mix Bush Kerry Nader

Prot 53.0% 56% 43% 1% 53% 56% 43% 1% 53% 59% 40% 0

Cath 27.0% 49% 50% 1% 27% 49% 50% 1% 27% 52% 47% 0

Jewish 3.0% 23% 77% 0 3% 23% 77% 0% 3% 25% 74% 0

Other 7.0% 20% 75% 5% 7% 20% 75% 4% 7% 23% 74% 1%

None 10.0% 29% 70% 1% 10% 29% 70% 1% 10% 31% 67% 1% 100% 47.90% 50.85% 1.25% 100% 47.90% 50.85% 1.18% 100% 50.77% 47.99% 0.17% "

Aggregator corruption down to the precinct level could easily do this entire farce, thanks to more than 6 specific questions targeting your religion and other denomination. Exit poll workers in the wrong precincts in every city has less than a tenth of that percentage chance of being responsible.

To prove once and for all, to the experts out there are emphatic about having this resolved you must test the Maryland, Washington, Ohio, state tabulators for the straight ticket vote on at least 3 seperate party ID lines. If only one of them really becomes fed through and counted, you have undeniable proof.

Rodney N is an investigative blogger and programmer, having served in the field for more than 6 years and studied other forms of technology and their consequences.


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    Call Eckerd Pharmacy Corporate Headquarters at 800 325 3737, Call CVS Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 888 607 4287 and Call Walgreens Pharmacy Corporate headquarters at 800 289 2273 and tell them you will not purchase any products from their drug stores until they get the Republican congress to repeal the faulty prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage benefit under Medicare Part B. Then sign the petition.

    Call Walmart at 800 WALMART and tell them you will not buy from them until they get the Republican congress to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage to TEN dollars an hour, and extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months. then sign the petition.

    Sign the petition to stop social security privatization, increase the minimum wage,extend unemployment insurance for people who lost jobs and sought work for more than 6 months and repeal the faulty Republican prescription drug benefit and replace it with a simple 80 percent coverage of medication under Medicare Part B. Please get two other people to sign this petition.

    Sign the petition to stop the War and Occupation in Iraq

    Boycott Wendy's Restaurants and Outback Steakhouses.

    Why you say? Wendy's Restaurants operate out of Dublin, OHIO and Outback Steakhouses operate out of FLORIDA. Now you see. I have picked two well known companies that operate out of the states that have brought us stolen elections by the immoral Republican Party. These companies operate restaurant chains that have restaurants around the United States.

    Now why boycott them after the effort to overturn Bush's second stolen election has failed? Boycott them, call them, email them and tell them that we will not go to their restaurants until Ohio and Florida elects democrats to Governorships, Secretaries of state and majorities in their legislatures in Ohio and Florida. In other words we will punish them for allowing the stolen elections to happen in 2000 and 2004. Will it work? Well do it and see.

    I had a petition to demand a revote in Ohio and Florida at

    but now I use it to allow people to express their opinions on the 2004 and 2000 stolen elections and encourage them to boycott Wendy's and Outback Steakhouse, 2 famously Republican contributors.

    Thank you.

    Also visit these fine websites

    By Blogger Dennis, at 3:17 PM  

  • Very interesting, thank you for your notes dennis.

    We need to join together a group of blogs which will force Accenture and its partner programs to be held accountable.

    In auditing the tabulators, it is absolutely crucial we expose the rigged aggregator code. Spread the message to every blog you can find.

    Tell Divestiture for Democracy, Democratic Underground, Common Cause, and all the other activist organizations like Clifford Arnebeck's Alliance of Democracy and that we must SEIZE the aggregator code once and for all to put an end to this corruption!

    Boycott the ringbearers, and expose their magic spell wizards before the entire world.

    By Blogger Rodney, at 7:20 PM  

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