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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Voting Rights Petition, "Let Freedom Ring" and more on Nick Chalko!

Quite a few updates to make note of. I have corrected most serious typo errors and other problems in my original blog. I have been contacted by a few people regarding the blog and am pushing to get our leaders to notice. In addition I have also pointed to several subjects you can do to make a difference and today joined up with a brand new coalition, the "Let Freedom Ring Blogger's Ring". Have faith everyone!

We all come from different walks of life, different color, different background and different degrees of our own personal excellence and also failures. But one thing that we all share, we the people of America, is a strong desire and goal for freedom and equality between our government and between every person born in this country.

Too long have we allowed a bias and circumvented decomposition of our values and our voices. Too long have we allowed supression, vote fraud, and smokescreens of lies try to dictate our very way of life. And that day, long before you and I were born, the Voting Rights Act was officially passed.

It gave all people the same rights, the same Civil Rights which are our voice in democracy. The full and equal opportunity to vote and choose how our country will move forward. And it is with that call that Jesse Jackson is today calling upon the nation to renew that Voting Rights Act, and give the black african americans and all ethnicities the same procedures we all are a part of. has a copy of the re-newed petition. Please sign, so that procedures can be met to force it into law in the wake of these disasters we have called elections.


To celebrate the new revival of the Voting Rights act and movement, and the meaning that it holds I have opened up onto a new Blogging ring and added this website to it.

The idea for the Blogging ring came after talking about some comments a viewer made. The idea suggested was that, if we all link together our blogs in a uniformal related way, we can force companies who have otherwise been ignoring us to pay attention to the issues of which we will hold them accountable.

Companies like EXXON Mobil, Accenture, Halliburton and others who have been taking our rights for granted in the name of power. We can hold them to be accountable, by spreading our message of truth across the internet and keeping our blogs linked together in one continuous ring.

With United pressure, we can force our own leaders to become responsible for their crimes and for their lies on the face of the people. We can stop the issues of false exit polling, or discrimination once and for all. Little by little, we can hold the power to the fire until every I is dotted and every T is crossed as we continue to push for Votergate to be exposed.

Thank you to Dennis of Re-Vote2004 and to the bloggers of ElectionFraud and EveryVoteCounts. Your voice matters every day!

To find out about the actions you can take, and petitions read the following websites. **(Note: The above websites are not publically endorsed or encouraged by Rodney, or anyone else associated with them and I am not responsible for the content therein. That said, if you aren't afraid to stand up to some republicans, even the heavily leaning left ones are of central value.)

To find out more about "Let Freedom Blogs Ring" Bloggers Ring, please visit the following address to find out how to join and who to email to get started.


To others who have just started asking about what the deal is with Nick Chalko, I did some further investigation and managed to catch a few of his messages he was writing to friends. You decide what the deal is.

"The PeopleAggregator is a next-generation social networking system that goes beyond the idea of social networks as mating games, and attempts to use open standards, network inter-connectivity, and massive flexibility to bring social networking into the b"

Cue eyebrow raise. -_0 You can read more about his project here and here .

In other news, the emails that were saved on Nick Chalko's aggregator testing at have been erased! Interesting turn of events. More updates as they come.

Rodney N. fighting on behalf of Freedom. "Let Freedom Blogs Ring" Blogging ring Homepage


  • Rodney, aka Andy Sornell, is a leader of a group of freak disinfo artists known as the Fablecrusaders. Since last November, they have been screwing with people’s minds, putting out disinfo at various sites, and disrupting real election fraud research.

    This Kos diary from last year is indicative of what these freaks do:

    And this yahoo group has been formed to capture the tons of evidence on these freaks:

    DO NOT TRUST THESE FREAKS – they only have one goal – disruption. At one point last year, they operated 24/7, 7 days a week, putting out shit all over the place.

    Election fraud did happen…but Rodney/Andy and his team of freaks do not have the answers.


    By Blogger Bozos Rnot4 Bush, at 12:28 PM  

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