The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Monday, April 18, 2005

Government's deception: The modern sale of your identity.

Increasingly alarmed at the exuberant amount of evidence there is showing how the states have stacked the system, I began inquiring directly about the level of implications this really has.

Under my investigation of Chalko's programming group, I found a real programmers company network which apparently designed alot of the election software. I'm still going over alot of the evidence, but it is showing this group had done several engagements with the Leadership Institute.

This immediately caught my attention given that the Leadership Institute, in truth works for the cult who is at the very center of this rigged game. However it is not enough yet to draw a full picture, only a way to show how the aggregators are not just distributing your information.

They are putting it up for sale and for immediate dispersion and even solicitation. The department of Agriculture, worst of all, knows all about it and has always authorized this. Giving everyone using the technology, the full power and unprecedented control to purge voters and invoke the citizen's rights and values themselves.

"Gaining access to voter-registration data is getting easier. In the past, anyone who wanted statewide voter lists would often have to collect them individually from county election offices around the state. This made the services of data collectors valuable, since they would collect the data and aggregate it in a single file.
But in an effort to standardize data collection and reduce double votes by people who register in more than one county, the Help America Vote Act, passed by Congress last year, requires that states develop a centralized, statewide voter-registration database. This will make it even easier for political entities and marketers to collect huge voter files.

Jim Dempsey, executive director of the Center for Democracy and Technology, said candidates and political parties are entitled to use voter-registration data for campaign purposes.
But, he said, the information should not be given to anyone else for commercial use.

"There's a fundamental principle here that information collected for one purpose should not be used for another purpose," Dempsey said. "There's a risk to the integrity of voter rolls. Because if people know that their voter registration is being sold to marketers, they are less likely to give accurate voter-registration information."

According to the California Voter study, to be published early next year, states varied widely in the data they collected and disseminated. The study included data from the District of Columbia.
Although many registration forms warned voters about possible fines or jail time for lying on the form, only four out of 49 states that required registration told voters that their data became part of the public record and was therefore open to public inspection.

Among the data collected, two states required voters to provide their mother's maiden name upon registration. Thirty states either required or requested all or part of a voter's Social Security number. Eight states required the full Social Security number.

That last number is likely to increase. The Help America Vote Act requires states to collect a personal identification number such as a driver's license or Social Security number. States are supposed to redact the Social Security number before distributing voter lists to buyers.

Alexander said that if voters were told up front how their data might be used, they likely would be more guarded about the optional information they provided.
Therefore politicians are reluctant to mandate disclosure because it might limit the data that they and their parties could collect.

"If we were talking about banking data and third parties being able to profit from it, there would be a huge debate, as we recently had in California over the uses of financial data," Alexander said.
She said one reason this debate isn't happening is that "the people who ultimately decide how voter data should be allowed to be used are the politicians.... Politicians need to reign in the laws, yet they're the biggest consumers of this data.",1367,61507-2,00.html?tw=wn_story_page_next1

You heard absolutely correct, the people data aggregators allow the immediate solicitation of voters forms. It has been abused in this way now for years, by the companies like Accenture and ChoicePoint and has been used to perform the real fraud. The central state lists they are talking about, is of course the BOE system. The BOE controls these registrants, and aggregates them using preferred aggregators. It is supplied directly into their system, by the data mining aggregators. Put it all together and what you have now, is a full unstoppable democracy eroder which moves faster than 20,000 different light beams per second.

We must learn the truth and stop the Department of Agriculture, this much is certain. I have been contacted by the Open Voting Consortium. They need everyone's help for donations, please contribute what you can. We need completely transparent registries and aggregators in the electoral process, or soon enough our civil rights will be washed away.

Dear Friends,In NOV of 2000, about 12% of the ballots in America were invisible - created with secret software.

In 2002, it was about 18%In 2004 over 30%. That's more than 30 million invisible ballots created with secret software in the most recent and controversial election!Even where we have paper ballots, those are mostly counted with black boxes that are hard to audit.

We have a registration system that systematically discourages participation.If this type of voting system is fine with you, no further action is required - this is what they want you to have.

If, on the other hand, you want a transparent, auditable, inclusive voting system, you need to do something. One of the things you can do is show your support for the Open Voting Consortium.You may be tired of hearing pleas for money, and we're tired of asking. But we must do it. We have to build up support for open voting until the job is done. Right now, we have matching funds pledged to Open Voting Consortium so your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar - doubled.Open Voting Consortium is helping to expose the myth and show a better way. Please contribute now.

The Amazon link is here: If you'd prefer to use PayPal you'll find a link on our home page again to all!

Alan DechertPresident, Open Voting Consortium

9560 Windrose LaneGranite Bay, CA 95746

Rodney N. says fight to defend democracy and mean it, by giving us a registration system free of corruption.


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