The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Inside the hidden plot of Jeb Bush: A sale that's worth its weight in gold.

Greg Palast, renowned author of "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" narrowly touched on the issue. An issue that would come back to haunt us, and indeed prove that technology has not put the power of voting in our hands- It has taken the power of voting clear out of our hands.

Today's never before seen evidence will explore the interesting, but indeed malicious plot of one of the bedfellows to a theocratic cult. A man who says in all due discourse, he is the law of Florida and a man who principalizes everything to suit his greedy mission.

Investigators following the trail of the Florida Department of Transportation said it went all the way to the top and it was time to expose this. They were silenced, and with immediate accord the story buried. But we are not, we are the voters and therefore we have every right to speak out. And not even two days ago, I have uncovered much of that evil plot which they would have let remain buried.

Voter fraud: The modern sale of your civil rights.
The insidious scheme starts inside the corrupt FDLE, who supports criminal punishment to all the criminals using voter fraud in the 2004 elections. And they in fact must have known before hand how much fraud there would be, and where the blame must in truth be placed.

They first lay down the bait, voter fraud is a complete crime and anyone seen engaging in it will receive prison time. This was done on October 21, interestingly directly before the election begins. Then every precaution is taken to ensure the voters are controlled and no voter fraud gets out anywhere.

But oops, here comes mayor Buddy Dyer taking fraudulent registration lists and sending them out somewhere, but did Dyer really do it? Oh no, apparently it was an operative of Jeb Bush who authorized the panicky fraud.

Then the state department didn't tell anyone what they were allowed to do with those lists because according to an outdated 1996 law which is also enforced by the Agriculture Department, they are allowed to do whatever they wish under certain guidelines.

"Computer access in another public official's office would circumvent the supervisor's "exclusive" control of the registration books."

"Therefore, it is this division's opinion that the exemption contained in Section 98.211, Florida Statutes, carries forward when this information is provided to others, and a property appraiser may neither permit the public to have computer access to voter registration records he has obtained from the supervisor of elections nor extract information from such records for purposes of public disclosure."

Notice how they all left out the little part about selling the information. Because the supervisor can do whatever they want with it now, and sell it for Jury Duty or basically hand it over to data collectors so that the voter aggregator can automate that information. Of course, we all need to read this earlier quote.

"However, it is this jurisdiction's legal opinion that the voter registration cancellations received from other jurisdictions and the lists of resident deaths received from the county and the Bureau of Vital Statistics are not part of the voter registration books and are, therefore, not exempt from disclosure under Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Likewise, the lists of convicted felons and persons adjudicated mentally incompetent furnished by the clerk of the court to the supervisor pursuant to Section 98.301(2), Florida Statutes, are also not a part of the voter registration books."

"A magnetic tape is comparable to a written list and is distinguishable from "inquiry" or "on-line" computer access. Therefore, our opinion in DE 88-29 would not prohibit the distribution of a magnetic tape to the requesting public official if the Oath of Acquisition is completed by the public official."

In other words, the law of the entire state explicitly mentions that the public has no right to know who has died or if the statistics are off. Only the supervisor and their cohorts, can control how deceased voters or phantom votes show up in the elections. So it is perfectly legal, and not to mention perfectly corrupt. It happened now in multiple elections. Whoever wrote this outdated trash form of a law is no doubt a republican, following the new world order of religious whackos.

Because by prohibiting the public access to the voter logs, they are now enforcing the fact that they can aggregate whoever they want into the system. Whoever they want to vote will vote, not the other way around. Read the amazing software developed by Jeb's board of directors that took much of the code from Nick Chalko's work.

Yes that is what we have to work with now. Exactly as I mentioned in the beginning. By just the registration ID number, they now have the exact way to decide who's vote goes through and who's does not. Even with the exit polls, Accenture has retrieved enough profile information for automated exemption. Someone's so called voter ID may be "invalid" because he/she were of the wrong background now, and the system which runs automatically will never tell them. Oh positively, they show up on first come exit polls and early results but they will never be anything more than an error in the final results.

Perhaps this is more along the lines of what Mitofsky meant, adjust the samples to match the true tally? Ahh yes, the one those who control the voters have in mind.

If we look at pure statistics, we can now draw a dark but inevitable conclusion of very likely more than one million voters removed in Florida state.
By doing a math-cross analysis with the cencus bureau of Florida, and the exit polls we have a final number now of voters who were completely purged and sampled by a corrupt auditing department. One that firmly believes, as per 1996 onward that those who are deceased or not even part of voting, can still vote no matter what as long as its republican.

Are we this naive to think the Department of Agriculture wants Accenture to just stop there? No, with new laws in place voter fraud could become so serious that only white rednecks will forever more be allowed to vote. That is the reality of a system that is broken, broken by our own complacency to fix it. Its time to end this ridiculous game for good, and call for the removal of all officials who are engaging in deleting democracy. Next time when I show more about the sampling Dept. of Agriculture does, its going to be shocking because it defies civil rights and is identical to our exit polling firms.

Rodney N. knows the game, and knows the players who think they got away with it


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