The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Monday, April 18, 2005

War! The Government's plan exposed.

"War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks by the ruthless Sith Lord, Count Dooku. There are heroes on both sides. Evil is everywhere."

Replace sith lord with Terrorist Jihad, and the same principal represents our modern times. Today, terrorists are meant to be feared and hated, loathed and despised. As the seperatists of the republic split off, they are meant to be hunted down and destroyed. We dissidents of the government are like the seperatists, now caught in a war which can no longer be avoided. We seperatists awaken to the horror that we are now the terrorists, and our president is in fact the emporer. But the reality of this modern myth plays out a chilling chord in today's society.

To say that voting is in trouble would be an understatement. The dominionist empire, a cult who retains almost complete control over the government has dispatched a rampaging attack force in order to squash the public's rising voice on election reform.

By playing to the people's fears, the rising empire hopes the ruse will work. Voter fraud is now the number one blame for election based problems, not vote fraud. Jimmy Carter, James Baker III, Mark Thor Hearne, and a slimy man who is in the cult's pocket named Jim Dyke are now in charge of the blue ribbon commission.

To go ahead and say they are enemies of democracy would be an understatement. The underlying hidden scheme they are unlatching, would make it required for voters nation wide to show all forms of identity and give up all of their personal information.

Covers CSPAN Coverage of Baker/Carter Election Reform Commission Hearing...*//

Baker Presides, Whitewash Begins, _Voter_ Fraud, Not _Election_ Fraud is Focus!/Other News Channels Ignore Hearings...Panel meets seperately from audience.

James A. Baker, III -- the Bush family loyalist who went to the Supreme Court demanding that America's votes not be counted in 2000 -- presides. Almost all discussion is on /Voter /Fraud, not /Election /Fraud. Calling for Photo ID, Photo ID, Photo ID...*LIVE BLOGGING throughout Hearings...*"

The hidden scheme is a three pronged attack, overseen by men who remain behind the curtain. One of those such men I will indicate by name directly. He is who they call Howard Ahmanson, and he lives in the heart of the state where this operation is growing. All of his official minions, including Tom Delay are on the board for this cult which has been brewing and scheming for over a decade.

The erosion of our voting rights will come in 3 clear phases. Voters will no longer be trusted to vote correctly, and be forced to submit all their personal information to the government. Gee is this racist? The department of agriculture doesn't really care. They had stressed the same things in Congressman Goodlatte's testimony I viewed the hard copy of. After the voters submit that information, data-collection agencies will take over. Accenture, ChoicePoint, and the real companies who seek to profit off of vote fraud will control the voting in the most real way possible. Security will go to ensure whoever is a deemed threat, will not be allowed to vote henceforth no more fake voting. They will own all of it, and the aggregator devices in every state will be controlled by this anti-terrorist wave of deception.

Finally, once the data-collectors reserve full control the hacking of machines will no longer be neccesary. In 2004, I can almost now prove very little hacking at all happened. It was more rigged voter registries, with subtle hacking using fraud software which goes un-noticed. At that point forward, the corporation itself Accenture will control the security of all who are deemed "worthy" to vote. We will forever lose the right to choose.

It is time to counter this carefully played out chess-match move. The Carter commission must be denounced as a planted shill before the mainstream media so that nobody covers it, and real media wakes up. They must begin to wake up and cover the real election reform movements, as Karl Rove isn't sleeping on the job anymore. Despite lucid threats and more careful played attacks against everyone I work with than I would care for, I continue to do the job I came here to do. A programmer who knows the true nature of other corrupt programmers, can only do so much. This is a war and only through the standing up beside everybody will we possibly triumph.

"The "YES to Election Reform! NO to James Baker & his anti-Reform Cronies!" is now up and online at:

Also...action on the ground at the first Commission Hearing this Monday! See this Election Reform Coalition Press Release for details:
And finally, if you have no idea what we're talking about, turn off Fox "News" and see RAW STORY's explosive exposé from yesterday on the Commission and it's secretive, insidious, partisan, pro-voting machine makeup!


Make your voice heard now, blast the entire media about the fake election reform group taking center stage. Contact all your congress represenatives and make them see this. Show them everything and make sure this daunting conspiracy is revealed for what it is, and we gain back real voting reform and take down the corrupt cult network responsible for this devil's advocate.

Rodney N. says fight the corruption all the way to the top and then douse the core problem, in flames to put it out for good.


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