The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Florida cutting its losses: Systematic flaws undeniable.

We all hear the words too often and too recklessly in today's society. It was a valid mistake and the all too familiar phrase, we never meant for it to happen.

Of course, that all brazenly falls apart when faced with the fact you will be held accountable to your actions. Even the greatest of criminals, can not get away with the perfect crime. Not when the evidence is undeniable.
"The error affected cases in which voters made a selection but didn't push the red flashing ''vote'' button at the top of the machine. In such cases, poll workers are supposed to insert a cartridge that tells the machine to count the vote. But the bad coding instructed machines to ignore the votes. Regarding the remaining two-thirds of the undercount, Kaplan said only that her staff found that some residents were confused by the ballot question and left without completing their vote.

She swiftly reassigned two supervisors in charge of the coding. Kaplan also blamed the Election Systems & Software, the company that makes iVotronic. "NOT RESPONSIBLE" The company responded in a statement: ``In this instance, the primary responsibility for this particular aspect of preparing for the election lies with the county."

''Burgess called her response ''inadequate'' and ''unacceptable.'' Mayor Carlos Alvarez agreed. ''To make excuses and assume a defensive posture doesn't solve anything,'' he said. On Wednesday, Kaplan had a lengthy closed-door meeting in Burgess' office, followed by another on Thursday. The difference: At the second, she was followed in by the county's head of employee relations, there to finalize the details of Kaplan's departure."

To be perfectly clear as crystal, the responsibility of the votes in question actually relies on the BOE. ES&S could have had two of their friends login and rig the aggregator using the same faulty code we all know about. We have now seen it fully in action, we have seen proof of this. But Miss Kaplan, certainly could have shown them the door and not allowed them to even come near it. I think it goes without saying she could have overseen everything they were doing to the damned tabulators herself. After all she is ethical isn't she?

Or perhaps the truth is almost none of these individuals are ethical. Perhaps the truth is, which I have now seen with my waking eyes, our elections are crooked. In order to win this war all of us are going to need to stand up. Their corrupt mis-use of technology will not leave without a fight.

The principal point here, is that every single elections BOE administrator is responsible, and accountable for what happens with their own aggregators. They are accountable for what happens with the voter registries of these people. Kenneth J. Blackwell made a grave mistake in blaming Votergate Ohio on a corrupt BOE alone. In fact, he made a grave mistake in doing anything of the sort when he as Secretary of State authorized and ordered the represenatives or BOE to do it. He has never taken on his responsibilities. He's no different than a man who robbed a bank, except he did it intentionally within his own home and too the community he swore to protect.

In fact, the responsibility of the Secretary of State in Florida is the exact same thing. Glenda Hood should soon turn in her papers, and leave. We're not here to be run by thieves, and we will prove the deception one code at a time. It can be done the good way through investigation, or it can be done the hard way by impeachment.

The fact that I have seen irrefutable proof of Florida sign the contract with Dept. of Agriculture which would allow complete interoperation between states is almost enough for me.

The fact that almost all of this included a clearly faulty and fraudulent setup, is almost too much for me. When I lay out the entire series of events here point by point, and why they covered it up its going to shock the airwaves.

Until that time, you have already seen proof of this happen in the iVotronic machines. What are you waiting for? Email the head people uscountvotes today and tell them to do a full audit of all aggregators involved with the three state tabulators. Maryland, Ohio, Arkansas, there is more then that which can be seized by the courts. Write them. and

Rodney N. says to fight corruption, you have to stand up and say "No More".

Real News Updates: Diebold Comes out Swinging

You know, a patent realization came to me recently after seeing that I am the only one to be digging into the contracts for our Department of Agriculture. That realization came out clean, and it came out 100 percent crystal clear. This government has been lying to us and engaging in active fraud, since basically 1996.

In fact, this realization became so clear after viewing the proof I almost wonder why they have made the rest of the trail all the harder to follow. Why have these people continually, and purposefully misled the public? Why have they deliberately tried to undermine the integrity of our very identities.

Let's try to keep up on the log of events which I have seen. Just after my controversial blog hit the waves, and started smashing into everybody's view, like it or not there has been a big wake up call.

Agree with it as you might, or argue with it as you could, the facts come back to these important things. We were robbed by machines and the rigged aggregators which are run using them. I now have seen absolute proof that these programs were used in virtually every election, and since 2000 especially they became destructive.

Plus in every instance, the criminals are now trying to save face and are on the attack. I have been repeatedly harassed and accused by these types of people for starting disinformation campaigns on Black Box Voting. I have been targeted by GOP agents telling me that I better not continue doing my blog, or there will be consequences.

But despite all their shrill attempts, I am still here and we all are uncovering the truth that our country has been run by corrupted evil power.

Little by little a ripple effect has gone out, and started to change. Since the weeks of starting my blog, at least 3 people have been fired or resigned from the Florida elections BOE. Since my blog started hitting all the waves, the mainstream media has reported that Accenture made illegal mistakes in purging voters. Accenture even sent out apology letters to all of the voters who were automatically disqualified by our election aggregators.

But if you pay attention to the real world, that is not enough either. Accenture in particular knew this was on purpose and we are going to prove right before everyone's eyes, that they did this on purpose. Because the only way such a programming bias could become this mainstream is when on purpose.

Still to this day Diebold, Accenture, Datamaxx and their partners lie to the public. But you have to realize, that if one method doesn't work they will turn to something else even more sinister. Now they aren't afraid to admit that they rigged the elections.

But these companies now want you to know, that they are taking it to the next level. Soon with the help of the Electronic Benefit Transaction system (EBT), Diebold will join together with ChoicePoint in a marriage that will end free elections.

"EFFector Vol. 18, No. 11.a April 1, 2005

A Publication of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
ISSN 1062-9424
* Diebold, Choicepoint Partner to Offer Innovative Voting

Alpharetta, GA - Diebold Election Systems and Choicepoint,
Inc., today announced a joint venture that could
revolutionize the voting market. The concept is simple:
combine Diebold's demonstrated expertise in voting systems
with Choicepoint's superior data-mining techniques to
produce PredictaVote(TM) - the first 100 percent voter-free,
predictive voting system.

"The beauty of this approach is that it is self-correcting,"
explained Choicepoint CEO Derrick Sithe. "If someone
wants to increase the chances that his or her vote will
be counted correctly, the voter simply needs to open
up more of his or her life to our data-collection methods.
Apply for more credit cards. Register for more grocery
loyalty cards. Purchase more subscriptions. Fill out
more warranty cards. Compare that to today's paperless
e-voting machines, where voters have no way to determine
whether votes are accurately counted. There's really no

Even more impressive than its accuracy is its cost-
effectiveness, say company spokespersons. PredictaVote
caps a decade of innovation and strategic thinking at
Diebold, explained Diebold President and CEO Ollie O'Sell.

"Elections have historically been ridiculously expensive
undertakings. Who's to blame? Quite simply: the
voter. Accounting for everything from allowing employees
time off to vote to ensuring the accuracy and security of
the machines, elections drain an average of $12 billion
from the American economy every year in the form of
manufacturing costs and lost productivity. With
PredictaVote, all of these problems go away with the

Company officials conceded that a number of design choices
had yet to be finalized, but emphasized that all
predictive factors were customizable on a jurisdiction-by-
jurisdiction and demographic-by-demographic basis.

Immigrants and the homeless, for example - i.e., those
without extensive credit histories - will be excluded
from final vote tallies or be subject to additional
invasive investigatory procedures, said Choicepoint's

"This approach seems to be working well for us in our
airport screening algorithms, and we see no reason that
it wouldn't work here." "

So you better all email them as soon as you can, because pretty soon PredictAVote will be a reality.

Note if you're still reading this, the news of their merger was an april fools joke on april 1 2005. But that headline could be very real some time soon, as we have a crooked system very close to it right now. That means everyone better start taking it seriously.

Rodney N. likes to sometimes lighten the mood, blogging away and preparing to take down corruption.