The Hidden Truth Behind 2000 and 2004 Elections

Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's not the courting of the voters which matters. It's the counting of the votes.

Lately, we've seen all sorts of so called "liberal" media report on election fraud stories. In the TV news, they've been reduced to late night broadcasts. Not so on the blogs, and the new wave media. These press reports range from all sorts of things such as irregular vote counts, hackable machines and lobbyists---to election reform conferences that are total smokescreens such as the Baker-Carter Commission and the ACVR versus real voting rights groups like and Fitrakis, Arnebeck and the Free Press at

The difference is ever since my blog went public, we've been hearing about the "possibility" of BOE members engaging in illegalities and causing fraud. It's high time to stop talking about generalties and "possibilities" of fraud. The DNC is far behind the entire movement right now. has unleashed one of the most surprising half truth half white wash reports of what went wrong in Ohio that it boggles the mind.

Was Bernadette Noe, Thomas Noe and the BOE members who failed to keep intact ballot security anywhere in the report? Was all the fired BOE members and supervisor of elections under Blackwell in the report? Was there any mention of the recently confirmed over-write database access installed in Blackwell's office before election day to keep "real time" results? Was there any mention of them logging in and corrupting results? No. All of that was whitewashed out. Instead, we hear about *gasp* vote machine supression and the possibility of fraud!!!!

*Gasp* The possibility of fraud. It never could even be more clearer that we have a long ways to go into getting the DNC to care about hacked elections. In fact, this irrefutable proof I show below proves aggregate corruption: BOE members actually altering results in real time.

And they did it through programming code, as well as just "manually". And this is how our elections were stolen.
Gee, I think it may be time we stop hiding from the word "Fraud" and actually admit it happened. Is that hard enough for the DNC to actually do a meaningful elections investigation, which includes forcing the state via lawsuit to turn over the BOE results for inspection?

The BOE members claimed "private contracts" allow no results to be distributed. So sue like they have done in Washington. But they don't sue or file a lawsuit: The DNC rolls over and plays dead. This is how we lose elections and all future hope of democracy. By not admitting what already happened, has happened and catching the criminals being protected by Governor Taft.

This is an example of democracy in action.
"The legislature finds and declares that all public commissions, boards, councils, committees, subcommittees, departments, divisions, offices, and all other public agencies of this state and subdivisions thereof exist to aid in the conduct of the people's business. It is the intent of this chapter that their actions be taken openly and that their deliberations be conducted openly.

The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created. "

You file a lawsuit and get the records turned over. Bob Fitrakis, Clifford Arnebeck and the Ohio election team have been on the radio addressing the lawsuits they've filed with no money from the DNC or outside group. They are still talking about it on and the new RAW Radio's Bradshow.

And this is still in pending, but the least amount of news is a writ of marandus is being turned in to force pending records out. Thomas W. Noe is an embezzler of funds for Ohio and its scandal erupting right in Governor Taft's backyard. Thomas W. Noe and Ralph Reed have been closely organized on the Ohio event for months if not years.

"In an interview for The Buying of the President 2004 (HarperCollins), McCain told me that the same people who quietly assisted Bush in South Carolina in his 2000 primary showdown there also were involved in Georgia. The slander was "run by the same people, Ralph Reed . . . The same outfit, the same organizations, and I will never, ever get over them running a picture of Max Cleland, Saddam Hussein, and Osama bin Laden, a man who left three limbs on the battlefield in Vietnam. That's just something I will never get over." "

All members of the RNC Alumni group, a conservative think-tank arm for the one and only cult of Arlington Virginia.

Recorded Contract Legalities:
"“THE ANDERSONS AND CENTRAL SOYA PLAN TO ACQUIRE DEKALB AGRA; INDIANA FIRMWILL EXPAND RETAIL FARM CENTER PRESENCEJune 22/98(from a press release)MAUMEE, Ohio -- The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) and Central SoyaCompany, Inc. of Fort Wayne, Ind., today announced an agreement inprinciple to acquire the assets of Dekalb Agra, Inc., an agriculturalcooperative in Waterloo, Ind. The Andersons, Inc. will acquire thewholesale fertilizer and retail farm center business at the facility,while Central Soya will acquire Dekalb Agra's grain handling facilities.The Andersons' chairman and chief executive officer, Dick Anderson,…”This is from the home page of The Andersons Inc. website: ”The Andersons, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANDE) is a diversified agribusiness and retailing company based in Maumee, OH.” /"

Thomas Noe is not only part of the Anderson Agriculture group, he filed to intervene with the court case against Blackwell as official "attorney intervenor"

Lets take a good hard look at how much this scandal really stinks.......Florida's corrupt FDLE has been laundering money into the Florida turnpike for years to pay for racketeering, attack ads, election fraud and moral "values".

Ralph Reed's been busy orchestrating this business since the 2002 elections.

Would a deceitful party hack, as good as his bread as Jeb Bush, not work with the BOE to steal the votes? Not even remotely likely.

So there we have it everyone.....Votergate. The one and only Raymond Lemme was killed for getting too close to a band of criminal thugs, widespread election theft plan by installing laws so obscene they make older fathers cringe. Laws that would force all citizens to require multiple forms of ID....Photo ID and authorizations, making voting a non issue. We'd be completely obsolete.

Contracts involving privatizing of data collection methods.

"As a result of these and other concerns, Congress included language in the FY 2000 appropriations, requiring the Forest Service to undertake an independant study "to assess the feasibility and enhanced program efficiency by block granting all or portions of the Cooperative Forestry program in place of the present arrangement. In response, the Forest Service contacted the Pinchot Institute for conservation to conduct the study. The Pinchot Institute in turn, created a panel of eight individuals with expertise in federal and state programs relating to the management of Private Forests and/or in the use of block granting as a mechanism for implementing federal programs, to report on the merits and drawbacks to such an approach. While the charge from Congress may seem narrow, the panel determined that an adequete response required that the charge be interpreted broadly and the report address alternatives to a simple change from the existing system of allocating cooperative forestry funds. The report addresses only those statutory programs for which funds are provided to the states to administer the programs. "

"These national interests in federally funded domestic programs include:

-Interstate program impacts that require cross-boundary solutions(eg: watersheds with downstream effects that cross state lines)
-Interstate equity considerations that programs are aimed at ameliorating (eg regional economic development programs to raise living standards in low income states)
-Need for consistent National Information used for policy development(eg collection of Census data);
-High risk and high cost initiatives beyond the capabilities of a single state(eg, responding to natural disasters or investing in innovative programs"

This is what Gifford Pinchot the III's direct relationship with the Department of Agriculture was, in so far as the forest services. His academia unlike the original Pinchot, provided the framework for the privatization of data collection methods. So why bring this up years later? Because before their direct intervention, the states had no way to keep track of each and every citizen's record. Now that is no longer an issue. Pinchot's confidant Chris Allen, head of Consensus Development, created a flawless way of reproducing census results even at the expense of the public. This put an able bodied state interopation scheme into action, so that now all states are in fact obligated to hold on to your private information. Whether it be for voting or other protocol these laws have never been changed. It may be a problem and a risk that Census results include the deceased and those not even in the books anymore. But now we must remember that doesn't matter to Jeb Bush or Nick Chalko. That is precisely the point, when the polls are privatized, the result is moot.

Now you may toil that the likes of Accenture and ChoicePoint would never do anything against the law with that information, but as has been repeated here and in several strokes, they already have. This is why it is so vitally important that states adopt transparent auditing procedures. Wisconsin has already said no to Diebold & Accenture, forcing them to comply with open audits. How much will it take to get action in all 50 states?

Are you going to wait around and find out? Read the official report at

Then mail them with your outrage at ,
Deliberately tampered machines destroyed thousands upon thousands of votes.

ES&S bareky feels it ready to shoulder any of the blame. But it's increasingly clear Votergate is a total crime. And crimes that go unpunished, become the downfall of a civil society. Religion and technology don't mix, and as the Downing Street Minutes have proven, they destroy the remainders of our protections without fail.

Say no to "privitization", say yes to criminal indictments which you have the jurisdiction to demand.- Rodney N.